Friday, February 18, 2011

the knee surgery sitch

so derelique handled his second ACL surgery like that champ that he is
although there's plenty-o-pain to be had and coming out of anesthesia was not fun. so for now
his dear friend "percocet" is keeping him comfy enough to get some decent sleep and we are all happy
today is over. he's still got a tough recovery ahead of him though so any mention of him in your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for all the love!


Crazy Lady said...

Much love to you guys. that is surely no fun. happy birthday to beckett! hey i switched baylie's birthday by the way (yes i can be flexible :)

Trisha said...

Hope everything heels quickly! Thinking of you guys...

theleguis said...

that is not fun! surgeries are so hard. Its hard being the caretaker too and having to see them in pain. I'm sorry for you guys. hope things are better now. Congrats on the little guy turning 1. What a cute little fam!