Sunday, February 27, 2011

.one year.
.one week.
.one day.



*walking: step, step, step, plop, up, step, step
*snuggling into my shoulder with so much enthusiasm
he often sinks his teeth into my collar bone
*softly petting my eye lashes and occasionally plucking one
*sticking a mini finger up my nostril when cuddling me
*little tongue sticking out all.the.time.
*and usually doing this little "la la la" lolly tongue thing
*loves crawling around the backyard and getting so dirty
*always begging for bites of our food
*signing "more" while eating
*currently working on his ninth tooth
*scrunching his face and sniffing like a puppy
*points to every ceiling fan he sees
especially the orange one in his room
*also points at the owls in his room
and greets them every time he sees them
*has eaten blueberries almost exclusively today
*loves to take lids off and on things
*gives a high pitched giggle
whenever i hand him his kitty

*one year check up*
height 31'' 80th percentile
weight 24 lbs. 64th percentile
head 45.5 cm 20th percentile
(still a mini head)

*so snuggley*
*so happy*

Friday, February 25, 2011

recovery week


i can't tell you how grateful i am to be a week past the surgery and into recovery. darek planned on toughing out work on thursday and friday but found himself being driven home by a co-worker by lunchtime thursday instead. his recovery is going well but he's just beat. however thanks to the painkillers and sleeping in the guest room he's probably getting the best sleep of his life so that's a plus. and speaking of pluses he's also temporary excused from the up-in-the-night-with-the-kids rotation, lucky dog. i suppose that's worth a measly little knee surgery.

and speaking of up in the night can i just throw in another shout out to my incredible sister-in-law erin who came to my rescue last weekend? as if it weren't enough that she a)took time from her family, b) totally ran my household while she was here (ie - cooking, cleaning, take-care-of-kids-ing) and c) kept me company and sane while she was here, but she also busted out the whole rock the sick baby all night move. how's that for love? pure love, i say. and pure generosity too. have i mentioned that i miss her? my house has yet to be fully clean since she left. despite my best efforts, my vacuum has been sitting in my tv room since tuesday just waiting for me to push it around so it could suck up all the cereal beck poured on the floor and the rest of us crushed into the carpet each time we passed through. i'm happy to report however, that i'm fully caught up on laundry, which never happens and said cereal has finally been sucked right up and vacuum returned to closet, which i thought would never happen. i suppose i'm surviving afterall. and since we're throwing around loads of auntie love, cori also did some babysitting/taking atticus on an outing/visiting me this week. thank you, my dear. i feel the love!

so really that's it. not much to report. i busted out a little H&M trip today because i had to spend my giftcards that were going to expire tomorrow. don't you hate being forced to shop? you do? cuz, i was kidding. i don't hate it. atticus has gotten all wise about shopping. when he says, "mom, may i please have a _____?" (blank = any number of treat options) and i say "sorry dude, we're out of blank." without skipping a beat he tilts his head to the side with a very serious look on his face and says, "hm, i guess we'll just have to go to the store and buy more." what? where does he get this stuff? well..from me i think. it's like when i'd ask for something as a kid and my mom would say she didn't have money for it and i'd tell her it was time to take a trip to the ATM. history...repeating...

in beck news, that baby marshmallow's first week as a one year old deserves a post all its own so for now suffice it to say that he's currently somewhere in the vicinity of a master walker. well, for about ten steps or so. still crawling lots but nothing beats his little zombie walk. plus as we are now a full three days running nose-less he's the happiest, jolliest, merriest little soul you ever did see and that makes us all happy.

hope things are great on your end

Monday, February 21, 2011

beckett's first birthday
february 19, 2011


we had a crazy weekend with sick kids and a gimpy dad (knee surgery)
but that didn't stop us from partying it up for the little beckster's birthday.
saturday morning erin and i took the boys to the park to run around like little maniacs.

i love beck's little "O" lips here. he does this when:
1) he's pointing at something he thinks is real cool
2) he's saying ball which comes out "bow"
3) he's pointing at the owl in his room
and saying "hoo hoo"


he's also started saying "clap clap" when he's clap clapping

as always lovin the swings

just like big brother

he's taking more and more steps everyday
his current record is about 11 steps over three feet
and i love these pictures of atticus helping him walk
beck's even busting out a little "att att" every now and then

we did a little b-day party saturday night
sitting on the counter with his gifts
and kitty, of course

please note the glowing fuzzy hairs atop his head
halo-esque, no?

(in case you weren't reading this blog a year ago when this little chub was born
his middle name is halo. in fact i blogged about it a year ago today HERE.)


snuggling up with dad recouping on the couch


making all kinds of heroic efforts to pull dad's birthday hat off

GQing it with his gifts and kitty (again)

and taking his new vacuuming skills very seriously
this was a gift from the LV cousins and both boys LOVE that sucker
(get it, vacuum, sucker? vacuums suck? el oh el, no?)

ps - so sad we had to schedule the b-day party for a time the lv cousins couldn't come :(
but THANK YOU for the great gifts and just being great in general!


beck got lots of cool toys not all of which have been pictured here
but i picked THIS out for him in an attempt to relive my childhood
and g-ma mccoy sent THESE to him in an attempt to relive her childhood
i mean that's why we have children, right? to relive childhood?

singing and candle and cupcake time

the reach
the bite
the squish

the first bite turned out to be about the only bite
it was just squish squish squish after that

and one little extra pic from this morning
this ball was from darek, another fave
"bow bow" = ball ball
oh yes, and kitty of course

my dearest beck
you are the most precious and pure little soul
i didn't realize how much you were missing from my life before you arrived
but now life wouldn't be life without you
i love you more than blog posts can say
thank you for your light and joy
happy first year sweet baby

Saturday, February 19, 2011



happy birthday sweet child
more pics to come

Friday, February 18, 2011

the knee surgery sitch

so derelique handled his second ACL surgery like that champ that he is
although there's plenty-o-pain to be had and coming out of anesthesia was not fun. so for now
his dear friend "percocet" is keeping him comfy enough to get some decent sleep and we are all happy
today is over. he's still got a tough recovery ahead of him though so any mention of him in your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for all the love!
one last hurrah


we took the kiddos to chuck e cheese last night for one last family outing before darek becomes immobilized for a few weeks by his knee surgery today. he tore his ACL...again...and is having it knee surgery...again. same knee, six years later. somewhat inconvenient, but i'm grateful it's fixable and nothing serious in the grand scheme of things.

as always, the boys loved the huge truck

and climbing out on top of it

last night darek's sister erin flew in from AZ to help us out for the surgery-recouping weekend.
i don't want to say too much because maybe i'll start crying great tears of gratitude but i can not tell you what a blessing it is to have her here. THANK YOU erin for coming to our major rescue this weekend! she's so great with the kids and they LOVE her and it's just so helpful to have another set of hands.
tear...tear...tear... so grateful.
thank you!

atticus considered using this hammer to play the game for which it was intended
but then he just decided to hit himself in the head with it

riding the police car

this thing was popular

too popular even to hop off for one second to eat

and this is my fave of the night
i walked over to find atticus riding this little pretend roller-coaster
and gasping and gripping as if he were riding montezuma's revenge at knott's berry farm

welp, we're headed to the hospital now
wish us luck!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

toddler vs. cupcake

i hope you had a delicious valentine's day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

taking a sick day

so after the mad ragamuffin play yesterday atticus busted out with a sweet temp and overall yuckiness. blah, blah, blah, late night, tylenol, no sleep, you know the story. so today we took a sick day. and seeing as i am germie boy's #1 snuggler it appears that i'll be busting out a sick day tomorrow. nice. anywho, needless to say the star wars jammies have been in high demand for the last 24 hours. those puppies make it through the wash about once a day since atticus wants to wear them every second. even now we're anxiously awaiting the beep of the dryer so germie boy can wear his temporarily germ-free jammies and germ them all up again.

i snapped these last week during another of our dryer-waiting rituals.
love the pouty lip in the first one. so sad without his fave jams.

but nothing beats this celebration!
victorious in his star wars jammies!

feel better soon little man

PS - to you wise commentors that suggested buying a second pair - brilliance!
i think i thought of that once but have never done it. we bought these over a year ago in boston but i'll keep my eyes peeled!
fingers crossed we'll find an identical pair.

Friday, February 11, 2011

the mother of ragamuffins


perhaps this should be the new name of my blog because i've got me some serious ragamuffins.
i really wish i could say that my fantastical girls weekend last week revived me and made a whole new mother out of me but although i was flying high early in the week, i totally crashed later in the week. i have a meager hope that today was rock bottom and we can only go up from here. it was a rough day, as all fridays seem to be. sadly darek is on a church camp out so i'm flying solo tonight which wouldn't be that big of a deal if it hadn't been such a crazy day. both boys took short naps and woke up grumpy and crying. i tried all the tricks in my mama's bag and finally resorted to my all time secret weapon: let them loose in the backyard. hose, mud and all. it was messy but it was survival. and after a major bath and a load of laundry we're sort of functioning again.

love beck's face here
clearly the mud-fest was a success

pushing the big wheel

atticus making mud
beck crawling in mud

poor atticus had a particularly rough day.
i think he has a fever so perhaps we're in for an even tougher night.
nevertheless the free for all in the backyard was toddler heaven and his favorite star wars
jammies made it through the wash in time for bed so things are looking up.

poor beck, frazzled mom didn't even monitor the mud in-gestation.
and that picture on the right - i know, very poor judgment to include on the blog
but what good is a blog post without some real life honesty, eh? that's the kind of day we had.
and i just might have ice cream for dinner because of it.

however, in happier non-ragamuffin news the babes is standing more and more on his own
and took four full steps today without any cajoling from the rest of us. i'd consider those his first steps even though he's taken a couple here and there. his most favorite of all favorite pass times right now is death gripping our fingers and walking walking walking anywhere and everywhere he can. it's really cute. and he's really cute. maybe cuter without the runny nose/muddy mouth, but still real cute.

alright, enough with my pity party
i hope your children were perfect angels today
and i hope you get the best night sleep of your life tonight!

PS - spent the last two days with kindle zipping right through THIS
it's a must read!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

{las vegas girls trip 2011}
'tis quite unlikely that the magnificence can be summed up in one measly little blog post, but let's give it a shot...

three years ago these lovely ladies (plus likely, of course. we missed you!) held the first ever john hall (freshman dorm @ BYU) reunion in NYC. it was dreamy and wonderful and simply had to be repeated yearly. so last year reunion #2 was in CA, which sadly i had to miss due to a family wedding. well, this year as soon as our family left after thanksgiving and my house was feeling so lonely, i emailed these chickies and invited them to LV for our third girls trip. within 27 seconds they had all emailed back, the dates were chosen and the anticipation was soaring. well, only a few times in life can you say you've had the perfect weekend but this, my friends, was indeed the perfect weekend.
let's recap the goodness...

thursday was spent running to and from the airport as everyone arrived. each arrival was a screaming hugging i-love-you-ing fest. i even almost got a lame parking ticket while i was reunioning with amy at the passanger pick-up at the airport. ticket writing guy did not care that we were celebrating the kick off of the best weekend ever. we had dinner at the elephant bar thursday night then stayed up until 2 chatting as if we hadn't seen each other all year, cuz we hadn't.

we kicked off friday morning with some serious shopping. then we went shopping. we also spent a lot of time shopping. friday night we got all gussied up and headed downtown to see the cirque du soleil show KA at MGM. i am totally exaggeration-less when i say it was incredible. like my jaw was hanging open to the floor in amazement the entire time and i kept saying "WOW!" and maybe even "holy crap" out loud. i can't even really describe it in a way that you'd understand how cool it is but just know that people are flying here and there and everywhere and there is a buff tarzan with nakey buns that sparkles like edward.

all the ladies at KA

in front of the KA sign
and yes, i rocked the hat on KA night
above: me from LV, amy from TX, allison from AZ, melissa from CA (hosted last year's reunion), megan from CO, trisha from AZ, shauna from CO, mehrsa from UT (but originally from NYC and hosted our first reunion), jojo from FL, and jenny from the freezing land of MN.

all gussied and posing on the staircase pretending it's prom night
i'll also just make quick mention of our crazy prom-esque dress trying on that we did later that night downtown.
we even took pictures of the fiasco. but the pictures have been entered into the "for our eyes only" archives
of the john hall girls trip sisterhood so you shant be seeing them here.
but it was funny. and we are funny. and you'll just have to take my word for it.

jenny and melissa sparkling

and i don't really remember what was happening here
but apparently amy and i thought it was pretty funny

melissa, who is the very queen of making magic happen, schmoozed the door guy at studio 54 and got us in for free
for some wild let's-pretend-like-we're-18-and-at-the-omni dancing.
it was a flashback of the very best kind.

but first we had to take a little stroll down the strip to ross for some dancable shoes for the crazy high heel wear-ers
and some t-shirts for the crazy sweater wear-ers.
and naturally had to pose for yet another picture on our way.

then we partied it up like it was 1996 at studio 54





you get the picture. lots of dancing happened.


and i won't mention how even tho we had the most fun ever dancing we were all like "oh my aching back" and "man, i'm so old" afterwards. but it was a blast and the aching back was worth it! and we retired to our comfy beds at the ripe hour of 3:30 in the AM after more chatting and treating.

~ spa day ~ day

saturday was spa day. we got a spa suite (that's right, i said SPA SUITE) at the cosmopolitan for the afternoon where we were the happy and grateful recipients of all manner of spa treatments. now, once upon a time i would have maybe said something ridiculous like "i'm not really a spa-type girl" but then i birthed two babies and aged ten years and yes! i am in all actuality a real live spa girl.
and luckily so are all my girlfriends.

and needless to say, but i'll say it anyway
it was of course melissa's mad magic-making skills that made spa day so successful

(and sidenote: it was also melissa's mad magic-making skills that got us to KA on time,
but i'll leave the going 100 mph weaving through traffic on the strip details to your imaginations)

the sahara spa suite


so then it was all mani-pedi-facial-massage galore for four hours. not to mention the whirl pool, hot tub, steam room, sauna, and shower-that-dumped-water-right-out-of-the-ceiling-and-sprayed-it-at-me-from-all-directions goodness. and the yummy food and don't forget the hanging out with 9 of your best friends part. now, i'm not a fan of the whole be jealous of my life blog craze, but feel free to be jealous this time around because it was jealous-making heaven!




jo and jenny


amy and allie

more jenny

and a special note of gratitude - the girls picked up the tab for my hour long massage.
pure bliss. it perhaps brings tears of joy to my eyes just thinking about it.
THANK YOU girls! it was so so very needed and appreciated!

naturally all the relaxing and pampering really works up a girl's appetite
so after some casino/strip exploring it was dinner at the wicked spoon buffet at the cosmopolitan



and as you can imagine the food was wicked good
i mean like incredible crepes in melted brown sugar and buttery caramel wicked good

especially the dessert
yes, please!

more sauntering around the cosmo, checking out the chandelier


saturday night we stayed up until 2 or 3 or 4 or something once again chatting like we weren't going to see each other for another year, cuz we won't, and looking through old photos from college. it was hilarious and scary and great and tender all rolled into one.

half of the ladies had to leave sunday morning but jenny, shauna, trisha and allison all came to church with me so i had my own personal fan section cheering me on when i had to run up onto the stand in hot pursuit of my crazy three year old, which was pretty rad. jenny also wins the super rock star, all american champion, MVP and whatever else means totally awesome award for taking atticus during primary while i tap danced to entertain the kids. there was a ruckus. it wasn't easy. but amen for having jenny there to help. i heart you jenny, thank you!

and while i'm tossing around thank you's i must shout one out to all the girls for coming and making the perfect weekend perfect. and especially to jenny, shauna, allison and trisha for totally spic and spanning my whole house before they left sunday night. for real! we're talking laundry, dishes, scrubbing the bathrooms, cooking dinner, mopping, folding, putting away and everything else-ing that i hate to do. it's quite possible my house was cleaner upon their departure then their arrival. the real cherry on top of the cake, no?

and last but not least
to the hub!

who took friday off work so i could get my shop on with the girls. and not only did dad duty FULL time all weekend but did babysitter duty to shauna's newborn friday night so we could see KA. and was super sleep deprived because the boys slept in our room with us plus beck felt the need to celebrate girls weekend by growing teeth and sporting a cold, not to mention we were so loud and crazy until the wee hours that there just was not much sleep to be had by the males in the house. and darek got up in the morning with the boys so i could get 4 instead of only 3 hours of sleep each night. and he didn't even bat an eye at the "we're going shopping and i'm spending money" shinanigans. and he watched TV in the playroom with his head phones on so we could continue our very graphic girl chatting all night long (you wouldn't believe not only the topics we covered but the details we shared. also archived away.) needless to say, he took the weekend like a champ, in typical darek fashion and i am the luckiest of all lucky girls for being married to the mister.

and for having the best girlfriends ever!
i love you ladies

can't wait until next year
T minus 363 days...