Friday, January 14, 2011

sunshine hop scotch

this sweet little boy of mine has entered the nightmare stage
meaning he's starting having nightmares, not that he's being a nightmare :)
he has them about once every week or every other week or so. my friend's pediatrician told her that having a regular bedtime routine and same bedtime each night can help reduce nightmares. our bedtimes have been a little random lately so maybe that has something to do with it. do you have any suggestions though? it kind of breaks my heart when he wakes up shrieking and falls back to sleep whimpering while i rock him.


Maranna said...

Hey Amberli. Lilly has gotten nightmares off and on since she was little and Ethan is even getting them now too. The regular sleep thing makes a difference. For us, waking our littles completely up for a moment or two of snuggles and calm down is what helps them stay asleep the rest of the night and not remember anything in the morning. One of the things I have been told, that brought me a little relief, is that nightmares/night terrors are a result from an uneven switch from regular sleep to their REM cycle. No one really knows why it happens, but it does. It has no effect on the kids and nothing is wrong, it's just kind of a bummer to go through. I've heard of snuggling your little for a few minutes after they have been asleep a little while, just before when the nightmares have been happening to see if that will help their transition. Anyway, sorry if this is too long-winded and random, but maybe that will help...? -Maranna.

Julia said...

Anna has night terrors at least once a month. She's even started sleep walking now too. We usually just talk ourselves into the dream she's having and settle her down that way. She never remembers it in the morning. She has them more often in the summertime. It makes sense that that is due to an irregular bedtime. I was told they grow out of it, but she's 8 and still has them.

Jeannie said...

I love those pictures! Dane had a terrible nightmare two nights ago about birds trying to eat his arms off. He was super freaked out and was talking and thining about it all day. As soon as it got dark last night he got even more freaked out. Todd offered to sleep in his room last night. He did fine but he's kinda freaking out again tonight.

Rachel said...

We had the same problem with Hailey. Almost every night. It did get better at times, and then worse at others. We started praying specifically for her to not have nightmares and that actually did help. My doctor recommended laying in bed where she sleeps with the light off and asking her what is scary, then doing your best to remove anything that appears scary. She also said no scary movies or books right before bed. And a night light. She still has them occasionally but it is getting better. Good luck!