Thursday, January 20, 2011

the lion king

sadly, we forgot to take pictures when we went to see the lion king with my parents on monday night. nevertheless, it was INCREDIBLE!!! for real. such a beautiful production. i wouldn't mind seeing it again. at such productions i always find my jaw hanging open in sheer awe at the talent before me. the singing was incredible. and scenery and costumes were especially amazing. rakifi, pictured above, was one of my favorites. she's pretty hilarious. and i've been prancing around like those zebras since walking out of the show. if you have a chance to see it, do! you won't be disappointed.

speaking of good shows, my parents babysat again so darek and i could see a movie. i'm not much of an r-rated movie type girl but i make the occasional exception. we saw the king's speech. now judge if you must. i won't judge you for judging. and besides i kind of think the sin of R-rated movie watching might be equal to the sin of judging for R-rated movie watching so it all kind of works out. anywho, as if colin firth and his golden globe winning performance were not enough motivation to see this film, it just plain tells a good story. it's about kind george VI who had a serious stammering problem, poor guy. the movie is an R for one scene where he discovers while working with his doctor on his stammering problem that shouting obscenities helps him spit the words out. it's funny. not gonna lie. but don't say i didn't warn you. anyway, good story, good cast, good acting. thumbs up.

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