Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Isa GAME On!

this picture has nothing to do with this post but doesn't darek look so cute? he doesn't like his squinty-ness but i do. swoon!
and since you asked yes, these square pics are from the new camera, the diana mini. swoon again!


so on monday i started the Isa GAME On! health challenge.
i've done health challenges before but this is the first one that uses deep cleanse and
nutrition replenishing products like THESE from ISAGENIX. have you ever used these products? they are fantastic!
anyway, i have been wanting to do an isagenix deep cleanse for a long time but couldn't do it while nursing or pregnant. and now since beck ruthlessly pulled the plug on our nursing-ness a few weeks ago despite all my pumping and hoping and best efforts at convincing him not to break up with me, here i find myself with a fully weaned baby. i was sad for a second and then felt liberated. time to reclaim my body for now. funny how that works, no? so anywho, the challenge is 11 days. the first two days are "shake days" which means two shakes and one meal, plus supplements. then two "cleansing days" which are cleansing drinks and supplements. then five more shake days and two last cleansing days. i admit that the eating disorder therapist in mean feels a little leery about this low calorie intake but i know that these products are so nutritionally dense that it's ok for now, just while doing the challenge. i'm planning on incorporating these products into my daily food intake anyway because they are pretty incredible and make me feel so good. plus they are all natural, etc. without any of the crap that might temporarily give you energy but just end up making you feel like crap. my workouts at the gym the last two days have been so incredible, all kinds of energy! i sort of feel like a new person. today is my first cleanse day which means a growling tummy but it's actually not so bad. i was worried about low blood sugar too because i'm hypoglycemic but it's not too bad. i think my body is so excited about replenishing the nutrition lost over the last few years of pregnancy and nursing that maybe i'm starting to feel human again. so anywho, i'll keep you updated on how it goes over the remaining 8 days.
let me know if you're interested in giving it a go!

oh and PS - i taught an eating disorder workshop last night
and thought i'd share some links to good info if you're interested:

learn about intuitive eating
10 principles of intuitive eating
super foods: the most nutrient dense foods
scary stats on the prevalence of eating disorders
isabelle caro died from heart damage due to her years of anorexia

have a healthy day!

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