Friday, January 07, 2011

big yellow balloons
and other chaos


are you having a chaotic week?
i'm having a chaotic week. and this looks like it's turning into my typical friday post...
my to do list has never been so long and i've never been so beat.

as you can see in the picture below my christmas tree is still up, albeit ornamentless
however the ornaments hanging in the wall window thingies still remain
and as you can also see in the picture
atticus is as crazy as ever


these big punchy balloons came in the mail from the boys' cousin this week
they are currently holding the prestigious title of "most favorite toy in the house"
even though they keep popping and causing tears in the process

i also tried to get a picture of the boys in their matchy match shirts
but it just turned into a wrestling match like all things eventually do

i would be far more productive if i could just get my brain to concentrate on one project at a time
i'm literally working on six projects while i blog this and have a list of probably ten more i want to work on. and as i'm sitting here blogging this i can't remember how i even ended up on the computer. at some point this morning i started cleaning out and organizing the craft closet. this came about because i had started cleaning out and organizing atticus' sacrament meeting wonder bag. then i took some things i found in the craft closet into the guest room to add to some craft stuff i have in there and i saw the sterling silver jewelery box that i got and a thrift store this week that needed polishing. so i took it into the kitchen and started polishing it with toothpaste which atticus thought was so cool he started polishing the counter top with toothpaste. after polishing the jewelery box (which btw, is the only project i've started and actually finished this morning) i took the toothpastey washcloth to the laundry room and started a load of laundry, my second one this morning. then i took the clothes out of the dryer and added them to the three loads in the tv room waiting to be folded and i started folding. i got maybe three articles of clothing folded before my ADD brain distracted me and tricked me into working on some other random project that i can't even remember right now. at some point this morning i also refereed a play date for atticus, played soccer with the boys outside, took funny pictures, cleaned up spilled cereal, wiped up spilled paint, made a sad attempt to work on my primary preparations for sunday and yelled "stop yelling" at my kids. i'm pretty sure that is the less effective form of parenting. then i had to put six foam bowling ball pins, a foam t-ball set and the tube of toothpaste (the one atticus "polished" the counter with) in the toy time out on top of my fridge due to the morning's drama.

i feel like i'm taking crazy pills

name that movie

it's only 11:56.
luckily darek just called to say he's coming home for lunch.
amen to that

wish me luck for the rest of the day

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Darren, Tisha, Tanner & Tennyson said...

OK--THERE is something biological going on!! The birds and fish in Arkansas and now and are on the same wavelength right now. I CANNOT believe how bad this week has been as far as chaos. It is crazy--zoolander, btw!! Oh-and Sunday I tried to take pics of the boys in matchy match outfits, and they too just wrestled...My house is a disaster, my kids have been crazy, I missed TWO work meetings--that NEVER happens---ahhh!