Wednesday, January 26, 2011

and while we're on the subject of food

i'm on an all out mission to rid my kitchen of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, MSG and artificial sweeteners as much as possible. plus fill it with whole grains, raw foods, etc. and although i looove shopping at whole foods, i am no millionaire (contrary to popular belief) so i've been spending lots of time reading food labels at wal-mart and this is what i've come up with. i thought i'd pass along the love and ask for a little love in return. any good brands/foods/recipes whatever that help eliminate this crap from our daily food intake? i just want to feel good about what i feed my family, especially the kids' snacks. i'd love your input.

here's my list, all found at wal-mart

Mia Whole Wheat Pizza Crust, comes with packets of pizza sauce
quick & easy. i make it with sauce, cheese and veggies.
bake for 5-6 mins. serve with a salad. all the boys in my house love this pizza.

Swanson's low sodium broth, no MSG

all the of the Annie's Homegrown products:
crackers, bunny grahams, bunny fruit snacks, mac & cheese.
no additives, preservatives, HFCS, etc.

all Kashi products
this week we're trying the soft-baked cereal bars
like nutri-grain bars but more crap-less

real fruit roll-ups, 1 fruit serving

Stretch Island Fruit Co.
real fruit leather, 1/2 fruit serving

Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
no hydrogenated oils, no HFCS, low sugar and yummy

Smuckers Low Sugar Preserves
no artificial sweeteners

Yoplait Simply Go-Gurt
simple ingredients, none of the fillers/sweeteners

Wheat Thins, toasted chips
100% whole grains, no HFCS
no more Ritz for my kids

Hunt's 100% natural ketchup

Prego 100% natural Veggie Smart
red sauce, no sugar added
always leary about "natural flavorings" listed in ingredients tho
sometime this means MSG

Whole oats instead of instant oatmeal
to prepare "instantly" boil water in the microwave
pour over 1/2 c oats in bowl, pour in just enough to cover the oats
cover bowl with a plate, let sit three minutes
perfect and much healthier than instant

Great Value Whole Wheat Bread
no HFCS, good fiber, only 50 cals per slice

Great Value 100% Maple Syrup
obviously lots of sugar, but natural source instead of HFCS

and i make most of my salad dressings because they are hard to find without this stuff.
any favorite homemade salad dressing recipes?

i'd love your suggestions if you have found
good products with more natural ingredients?


Allison said...

Good suggestions. I don't go to Wal-Mart much just 'cause it's not very close but I'm glad you did the legwork so now I know what healthy items to look for when I make the trek. I have noticed that Wal-Mart is definitely the cheapest place to get Kashi stuff. I love the dark chocolate coconut granola bars. They're like $5 a box everywhere else.

erica said...

favorite homemade salad dressing - gray poupon grainy brown mustard
beef broth
sour cream
onion powder
garlic powder.


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

I tried replying to your question about my kitchen cabinets, but your blogger profile doesn't have an email address attached to it. :)

At any rate, here is my answer to your question:

My husband cut the beadboard to size and then we used Liquid Nails to adhere the beadboard to the cabinet insets. Then, after it dried, we used caulk and sealed the edges of the beadboard. That part was kind of a pain because of the grooves of the beadboard--it was all worth it though because our kitchen looks 500% better than it did!

Hope this helps!

TJDKG said...

I'll tell you my FAVORITE bread. It's a little more expensive(like $4 a loaf).. BUT if you go to the Entaments Bakery Outlet you get it a lot cheaper, I can't say for certain how much since I never go there Tod buys it for me when he goes.
It's Oroweat Honey Wheatberry bread
WHY I love the stuff.
It has NO SUGAR,NO HFCS it's made with honey. Made with WHOLE WHEAT and has wheatberries in it. It is soo good the slices are a little smaller, the breads a little denser but its not heavy. I LOVE it. It is my favorite bread of all time. I think it's 90 calories a slice.
I have a friend that has a blog on eating clean if you want to look at it. She has recipes and even meal plans on there.
Big key more grains, quinoa is good stuff, brown rice is really good takes longer to cook but my family likes it. and Whole wheat pasta i absolutely love, you just have to make it right let it cook a little longer and make sure to add a salt to it as its boiling. My sister in law says it taste like cardboard but I LOVE the stuff even the store brands of it from walmart and smiths/ food4less.
I may be avoiding lots soon, I'm going to have Kyleigh tested for celiac I'm pretty sure she has it, if not a sensitivity to gluten.