Tuesday, January 18, 2011

amberli and kindle
sittin' in a tree

i'm not gonna lie, i've got a new love in my life. goes by the name of kindle. also goes with me everywhere. as sure as there is a tube of blistex in my right pocket there is kindle in my diaper bag. she's just tucked right back there in the changing pad pocket, as if the pocket were sewn just for her. on christmas morn, about 10:32 AM i opened the precious gift. by about 10:34 i had read three books. ok, that my friends, is called an exaggeration as i am known to exaggerate on occasion. however within a day or two i had read the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society. i flew through it like a jet plane through a nimbus cloud. it's a good read, cleverly done with fun characters and an interesting approach to story telling through letters.

i also spent about two minutes zipping right through portia de rossi's unbearable lightness. it is a brave and detailed account of her battle with anorexia and bulimia. i found her account particularly interesting because it also gives insight into the hollywood be-stick-thin pressure as well as her struggle to keep her sexuality secret. i really admire not only her bold fight that eventually saved her from her eating disorder but also her stark honesty about all the complex drama that makes eating disorders so painful and so complicated. plus i just love portia de rossi. two words sum up this love: arrested development.

let's see...kindle and i also spent a week or two bustin through the uglies, pretties and specials. (three separate books) the extras are still awaiting my perusal but i needed a little break from the bubbliness. have you read this series? somewhat hunger games-esque, an interesting interpretation on the human race destroying itself. i liked it even though my favorite for the "team david" vs "team zane" drama did not come out victor. lame.

so kindle and i are now exploring the deep south in the help.
i'm about half way through and i can already tell it's a must read.

have you read any of these books?
what did you think?

welp, there it is. my confession about my new love. she underlines things for me
and archives things for me and looks deep into the recesses of my heart and fortune tells books she believes i will like.
and she's always right.

as is inevitable when i blog about my embarrassingly bookwormish ways you will now be asking yourself how i possibly find all this time to spend with my kindle. well to you my faithful blog readers, i can not tell a lie. so here's the truth: i read when i should be doing something more productive. often along the lines of dishes, laundry, cleaning and sleeping. night owl + bookworm = recipe for successful kindle relationship. also = recipe for messy house and tired, grumpy mom but we've got to pick our battles, no? i've also been staying at the gym after aerobics classes to give kindle a go on the elliptical, much reading gets done and we all live happily ever after.

.the end.


Crazy Lady said...

yay, I'm glad you liked guernsey, i thought it was so cute. and of course i'm a big fan of the help. and yes i'm way jealous of your kindle!

anna said...

I also got a kindle for Christmas and love it so much! The Help is great.

Whitney said...

i got a kindle for Christmas and love it. the good news- we can share books come february. i loved the help. so good. i am very happy i was peeping on your blog because i needed some new reads and someone had told me about the "pretty" series but i had forgotten. i bought the first one last night and i am almost done with it! thanks amberli!

TJDKG said...

I will tell you that the book Extras was my least favorite from the series.. it was good but not what I expected.