Friday, December 03, 2010

snow at the square

so we stumbled upon a little holiday festival at town square tonight.
we were there to eat, check out the tree, maybe send a shout out to santa and play at the park.
(sidenote: the boys and i stopped in to say hi to santa a week or so ago and atticus hid behind me the whole time, peeking thru my legs. wouldn't get near the guy. he has yet to understand that santa is the guy who will make all his wildest christmas dreams come true!)
anyway, then we discovered a live music concert which concluded with

can you believe it?
atticus was thrilled!
and i was so sad that i didn't have my camera
kicking myself!!

so i busted out my crappy phone
and took some crap-quality pictures
but i kind of love them anyway

the tree

the scratchy lines to the right is the snow blowing about
they had crazy blowing machine up in the trees blowing "snow" all around
which was really just a foamy substance, but whatever, it was cool
and not cold

atticus eating all of beck's snacks in front of the tree
and not bothering to smile for the crappy phone camera

this really is a new favorite of mine
look at them loving each other
oh and that's att's beanie atop darek's head...

more love gazing

and more love birds

oh christmas is in the air and i'm loving every second of it. we bought our tree last night, a fakey - darek's idea. i want a real one that smells delicious like a winter wonderland but it'll be pretty anyway. tomorrow decorating begins!


Jeannie said...

I have extra pine scented stick-things that I found that smell pretty real if you want one. Tomorrow we're hitting the Winter Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops. Sounds hokey, I know (and I don't know if that is how to spell hokey) but it is actually pretty cute.

Mama Thompson said...

fake trees are great (in my opinion)...try the fresh balsam air fresheners at Bath and Body Works...makes my house smell like I have a real tree.

Crazy Lady said...

Your shirt is soooo cute!

in your big house, you could easily have like 3 trees! a kids tree, a fancy tree, and I can't think of what you'll do with the third one.