Wednesday, December 01, 2010


our household was a titch under the weather yesterday. it seems all the party hardy of last week had finally caught up with us. this resulted in the boys and i skipping the gym yesterday and instead taking a 3 1/3 hour nap! how fantastic does that sound? as great as it was, it didn't even compare to the 8pm to 8am sleep the boys got last night! cue angels heralding "hallelujah!" that was the first full night's sleep we've gotten in a while since beck is so diligent in teeth growing these days. we all needed a clean slate and today we woke up with one! i love when that happens! more please!

so we went to kickboxing this morning and kicked some serious boxes. then ran to hobby lobby to get some items for house projects we're working on. we're all about house projects lately and i'm sure one of these days i'll get around to posting pictures so i can dazzle you all with my mad skills. tonight is christmas tree shopping and decorating. oh and don't forget about the finale of america's next top model (yes, i watch that show and i'm humble and lame enough to admit it.) i vote for ann, even tho the girl needs to put some meat on her bones, but i dig her quirkiness. i mean the girl is awkward but nevertheless, go ann!

so anywho
i also stole some thanksgiving pictures from my sister-in-law's blog (thanks amanda!)
can i just say again how great it was to have everyone here? i woke up the next morning and asap e-mailed my whole family inviting them for christmas in hopes of recreating the party roper-style this time. i'm pretty sure most of them already have plans but a girl can dream, right?

so in name of recovering we are also sugar detoxing around here. this is not easy for my sweet tooth but it means that 1) i'm actually being a responsible mom and limiting atticus' daily treats to one. he's not a fan. and 2) atticus and i had our favorite salad for lunch. you want the recipe, yeah? never fear, read on.

first things first: atticus ate his one treat the other day then promptly asked for more
to which i responsibly said no. a few very silent moments later my "it's too quiet" mother instincts kicked in and i returned to the kitchen to assess the situation only to find this:


master sneaky snooping for treats in the pantry
i knew better than to hide the chocolate in there so he came up empty handed. however, that didn't stop him from turning to me with a half guilty/half sweet look on his face and saying so innocently, "more treat?" then he threw in a super cute "PWEEEEASE?" for good measure but i held firm people! no more treats!

ok yummy salad:
green leaf lettuce
chopped tomato
chopped hard boiled egg

with homemade honey dijon dressing
(vary amounts to taste)
1T dijon mustard
2T honey
3T fresh lemon juice
1/2 t salt
1/2 t fresh ground pepper
1/2 c olive or canola oil

alrighty, both boys are napping so i best use this precious time wisely.

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-A said...

My dear soon-to-be 3-yr old took to skiddering under my bed and chilling for awhile. I thought it was a bit quirky, but didn't think much of it.

This morning, I startled him before he'd actually climbed under and the guilty grin told me something was up. Come to find out he'd stashed his Halloween treat bag under there awhile back.

The sneakiness of these little masterminds is really quite impressive.