Monday, December 20, 2010


i know i keep using photos from the christmas card shoot but i love them
and will therefore force them upon you until you choose to either love them too or quite the mccoy mcblog for good.


so the beckster turned ten months old yesterday.

he's cruising along furniture and walking along holding our hands and just generally growing at the speed of light. teeth #6 and #7 cut thru over the last two weeks or so and #8 will likely show it's pretty head today or tomorrow. despite the teething he's sleeping all night most nights and i want to give him a high five every morning when he wakes up. teething always brings on lots of drool of course and beckett can not resist the temptation to blow drooly raspberries all day long. the kid is a champion eater and all about finger foods. sometimes we do whole meals of finger foods as he strongly vetos the spoon when i dare have the audacity to try to feed him silly purees which he considers mere child's play. he thinks anything he finds on the floor = a treat for his mouth so i'm ultra eagle-eye trying to keep his tummy non-food-object free. plus he pretty much gets voted most popular everywhere we go and i admit that make my mama's heart swell with pride.


beck and atticus continue to be best little buddies. perhaps 381 times a day atticus asks, "mom, beck play?" and is always a little bummed when beck is napping and can't come play. they love to chase each other around and wrestle. i've also recently discovered that nothing is cooler to them then laying in atticus' toddler bed together. they get a real kick out of snuggling up in the pillows and blankets together. i think they think it's a secret brother's club house or something. atticus is such a good big brother and for the most part is really good at sharing with beck and generally watching out for him. he always reports to me if he heard beck crying while they are at the gym playroom and also lets me know that he made valiant and heroic efforts at coming to his rescue. we're so blessed to have these two little boys filling our house with madness and our hearts with love everyday.

it should also be noted that candy cane eating is very serious business with these boys.


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