Friday, December 17, 2010

~ meeting santa ~

before i get into the festivities of this weekend i best cover those of last weekend: our ward party. i'd been prepping atticus hoping that sitting on santa's lap wouldn't turn into some tearful nightmare. i wasn't worried about beck, he's pretty chill. let's see how it went...

sizing up santa from afar
how grinch-esque does atticus' hair look here? he got it cut yesterday. bye bye mohawk.

the approach

successful sitting
although zero eye contact from atticus
and some serious skepticism from beckett, lean back and stare!

and then burst into hysterics
poor little beck
reminiscent of big brother's first encounter with santa, no?

also noteworthy: during the preparation stage of the santa encounter i asked atticus what he was going to ask santa to bring he and he shouted PRESENTS!!! apparently he doesn't care what kind of presents. however he did end up asking for the buzz lightyear dart gun he wanted at walmart last week after i told him that santa need a little more specific idea.

these are just a couple of pictures i took while atticus was outside helping darek put up the lights a week or so ago. he found his bike seat in the garage that we used two summers ago. (pictures here) he doesn't quite fit anymore but still seems to love it!

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