Friday, December 31, 2010

the last day of 2010

photo courtesy of the little miss, aka the diana

so i'm not so sure i have anything in particular to say in this post
but 2010 was such a great year that i can't just let her slip away unnoticed.

let's work backwards and reminisce a bit shall we?

at this current moment
my children are in the kitchen tearing apart the lower cabinets
and i am letting them so i can write this post
(well at least they were when i started this post but that was hours ago)

darek is currently downtown at the cosmo helping with the new year's festivities
and has already seen seven celebrities. he keeps texting each time he sees another one.
i admit i wish i were gussied up and partying like it was 2011. maybe next year.

last night i walked into the tv room to find atticus hiding behind the couch
surrounded by at least 10 hershey kiss wrappers with all the chocolate already in his belly.

i keep trying to un-christmas-decorate but still haven't accomplished much.

our house has officially been christened by the holidays which makes it feel like a home. our home.

about a week ago atticus woke up crying during the night
when i went in to help him fall back to sleep i discovered that he had his new soccer cleats
in bed with him
and he was snuggling them like a teddy bear.

over the last month since atticus turned three i can't believe
1) how sneaky he has become! and
2) how quickly he is learning!
he says new things everyday and is so funny. perhaps the funniest right now is, "oh dangit!"
since he says it "dane, Git!" he's also tossing out a few "oh craps!" here and there
and i'm thinking i need to censor myself more carefully.

also over the last month beckett has learned to scale the stairs in 2.2 seconds
and i have to always be watching! he's also saying "mama" and i'm even pretty sure he means me sometimes.
he's very good at communicating what he wants - point! point! point! and MOOOOAAAN!
that means he wants it. plus yesterday i swallowed funny and had a little coughing attack
while feeding him. he just stared at me until i was done then made a mock coughing sound
and laughed and laughed!
making fun of mom!

two months ago we dug up the has yet to see any landscaping.

a month before that i got called as the primary chorister in my ward. i had never served in primary nor had a musical calling so i was a little nervous. it was also only a few weeks before the primary program which the kids were not prepared for so it was a little stressful. but here i am, a few months into it and i'm convinced it's pretty much the best calling in the church!

six months ago i often found myself wondering how i ended up in vegas,
and if it would ever feel like home.

9 months ago i had a newborn
and i already want another one

a year ago my belly was the size of a basketball
we were happy and freezing in boston
we had no idea that 2010 would take us cross country
and i'm pretty sure i basically made the same list of resolutions that i'm making this year!
i love me a good do over!

here's to a wonderful and blessed 2011!
.happy. .new. .year.


Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...
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Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Amen to a great 2010! Can't wait to see what 2011 brings......maybe us to Vegas :)