Friday, December 10, 2010

dear friday,
thank you for finally showing your face


i feel like i was just kind of in survival mode all week. didn't i say that last week? don't i say that every week? honestly i think the most productive thing i accomplished was that i got a few cute pictures of the boys (sample above) and turned one into a christmas card. i've only been half functional and i'm pretty sure that i make that confession on the blog about once a week. that's sad. my kids have been champion nappers this week tho. we're talking 3-4 hour naps each afternoon. i tried to use that time wisely but the most productive thing i accomplished with that time was taking a two hour nap myself. i'm beat! for no good reason. our chrirstmas decor is finally mostly done. just outside lights left to do and a few details here and there. we're so out of groceries that i made sourdough french toast for my kids at lunch today and here i am at 4:52 PM without a dinner plan. we have loads and loads of clean laundry floating around our house but somehow it never decided to fold itself this week. we've been pulling clean clothes out of hampers to wear. isn't that the worst? because then for some reason it gets harder and harder to just suck it up and finally fold the remaining clean clothes. oh yes, and i did manage finish all the root beer and ice cream in the house and can officially begin my root beer float abstention. can check that off my list. and while i was upstairs nursing beck this morning for nap time don't worry about the shattering glass i heard resounding throughout the house downstairs. the one single glass ball on the christmas tree (we've bought all unbreakable plastic ones, for obvious reasons) shattered on the entry way floor and a guilty looking atticus hiding behind the wall. atticus also mixed up a good batch of mud in our grass-less backyard a couple days ago and not only managed to cover himself like a mud statue while digging for buried treasure, but also flung a good amount across the poor unsuspecting beck's head which required a mid-day bath. a few major beck blow-outs also brought about a few extra baths this week. however my kids have been fed (albeit sourdough toast) clean, safe and rested this week so i suppose i was successful in the basics. and a friend stopped by this morning which required a ten minute super clean up which fooled darek just now when he walked in from work ("the house sure is clean!" he said delightedly.) i did, however have to forgo my make-up this morning in order to have the ten minutes required for the super clean. lesser of two evils? clean house, ugly face? (i didn't skip the two minute post-gym speed shower tho. i mean a girl's gotta have at least an ounce of dignity, right? still currently make-up-less tho. will remedy that in the car on our way out tonight...) plus atticus knew all his letters this morning when darek wrote the alphabet on his coloring book at breakfast so someone, somewhere is doing their mommy (and daddy) job. plus i gotta say that every time i add to the house decor or christmas decor while atticus is napping he wakes up, looks around and says, "good job, mom!" isn't that so cute? i love it. yesterday he was admiring the detail of the christmas garland i put along the banister and each new thing he saw he'd lightly touch and say, "ooooh, it's so cute (toot)! i like (yike) it. good job mom!" so here we are, friday night. no dinner made. darek just got home from work and is getting the kids ready to head out for christmas shopping and dinner at the mall. problem solved. and tomorrow night we have a FUN night planned that will surely make the blog so get excited. *exhale* made it through the week. everyone's alive. the house is fake clean. and darek's buying dinner. good job mom.


erica said...

thanks amberli. you just wrote my life. except replace baklava where you wrote rootbeer floats.

Crazy Lady said...

i feel that lots of times. you are in good company. afterall we r outnumbered :)

Bronwyn James said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing the not-so-glamorous aspects of being a stay-at-home mom, even though you somehow manage to make them so appealing. I especially love Atticus telling you how much he loves your decorations. So sweet!