Friday, December 31, 2010

i pirati mccoy
for some reason "the mccoy pirates" sounds cooler in italian


we spent the eve of christmas day pillaging and plundering at our nephews pirate birthday party. the swashbuckling was complete with hunting pirate booty in a treasure hunt and busting open a pirate ship pinata. there was even a live parrot there who tried to buddy up with the parrot-disguised beckett. thanks for having us B & C and happy pirate birthday to captain K and his first mate C!

how cute are these little pirate birthday boys?

and speaking of children with drawn on facial hair
i called atticus to dinner a few nights ago and he came sauntering into the kitchen like this:

apparently drawing on the pictionary man that we got for christmas lost its pizzazz
and he elected his own little face as his new canvas.

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Crazy Lady said...

ahhh that looks so fun. oh wait, i should have said RRRR, that looks so fun! hope you guys are doing stuff for new years, ours is lame (p is sick).