Thursday, December 23, 2010

first soccer practice


it wasn't even a game and not only did i take pictures but i'm blogging about it. how's that for lame?
i can't help it. it was so cute i thought my head was going to fall off. three year olds running around playing soccer?
it just might not get any cuter than that. so today was the first practice and the first game is in january.
i'm already loving this soccer mom business!


and just because i can't help myself...
although he's the youngest (but still the tallest!) on the team the coach repeatedly told me how well he did and that he's a natural! he said that the youngest three year olds last season didn't sign up again this season because they were too young to really get it, but he said atticus was really coordinated, did the drills well, etc.

i might have (read: "for sure") committed the sin of pride when that happened.

then we celebrated his first-practice-soccer-success by playing on the playground.
atticus always requests "HIGH" pushes. plus he says "high" in a gruff growly voice
when he's requesting high pushes which is just plain funny so he always gets what he asks for.

how funny is this picture?
that's the face you make when your rollercoaster car just went over the peak and is speeding down hill,
not when you're swinging a few inches at the pace of a snail.
but i appreciate his enthusiasm.

in less fun news, the beckmeister has officially declared a nursing strike this week
which isn't my favorite thing in the world. but since he's so cute i'll forgive and pump and hope he soon sees the light. atticus pulled these same shenanigans at nine months old for a week but then returned to nursing so although in my mind pumping = almost the worst thing ever, i'll deal.
in the meantime...moo!



logan said...

I know that neither of you are big-time soccer folk, like some people... *whistles and looks around

but, for future reference you're supposed to have socks over the shin guards. This will help with keeping them on his shins, and also to not look absurd... even just at practice.

Mostly I'm just jealous that Søren isn't old enough yet... can't wait. Have fun with it.

erica said...

pumping is one of the only things in life where I'm embarrassed to be with myself. sorry you've got to do it. here's hoping.
and have I mentioned your children are adorable!