Friday, December 17, 2010

{christmas headquarters}

after three marathon shopping trips i think i've finally got all my gift shopping done.
let's not talk about the food/treat type shopping i still have to do. all in good time.


my guest room has officially turned into santa's workshop. if i owe you a gift, don't look too closely at the photo below (that includes you darek!) i've put a DO NOT ENTER sign on the door and i'm planning on having a little gift wrapping, music listening party tonight. after my cleaning the whole house party today in preparation for some friends and family coming over for some holiday festivities this weekend.

notice little beck not only destroying two roles of wrapping paper but also discovering one of his christmas gifts in the thirty seconds it took me to take this picture! oh well, at least i know he'll like it.

here's today's soundtrack:
hey, it's christmas!
it's a little different and pretty cool
walking in a winter wonderland is particularly delicious

listen and download for FREE here!

i hope your get-done-before-christmas to do list is shrinking!

PS ~ so three seconds after finishing this post i remembered three more gifts i need to buy!
PPS ~ margaret, thank you for the great parent gift idea! brilliant! and the happy e-mail! i promise to respond properly, not just bloggerly!

ok - must finish sewing ASAP!

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