Thursday, December 09, 2010

big brother

beckett had his 9 month wellness check today and although atticus fully understood that he himself would not be receiving any shots that did not stop him from shedding endless tears of sympathy on behalf of his little brother. in great hysterics he threw himself onto the floor under the desk where he wept his little heart out. it was really sad but mostly just super funny. i had to bust out my phone and send darek a picture of the drama. anyway, i'm happy to say that he recovered and by the time the nurse actually came in to give beck the shots he didn't even bat an eye. although beck did. his turn to cry that time. he also was not a fan of getting his big toe poked so they could check his iron level. he spent a great deal of time afterward investigating his toe and trying to remove the bandaid. anyway, we all survived the ordeal and passed the forever waiting time by taking random pictures with my phone. please note atticus on the floor shedding tears of great sorrow.


i happened to have had atticus' shot/growth record with me at the appointment so i was comparing the boys' sizes at the same age and although beckett is one inch shorter than atticus was at this age, he's over three pounds heavier!!! oh i love that chub, although the little guy is slimming down now with all that crawling he does. he's also starting to cruise along furniture and trying to balance on his own. i LOVE this age! it couldn't be cuter. and while we're on the subject of cute beck i just have to proud mama brag and tell you that all the worker ladies at the gym playroom fight over who gets to hold him! i admit, i kind of love it.


so for the record, at 9.5 months old beck is
22 lbs 11 oz
29 inches long
44.5 cm head size

also, after taking probably 200 pictures of the boys in their christmas garb i finally got one that is christmas card worthy.
if you'd like one to arrive in your happy mailbox please email me your address.

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Rachel said...

Man, I'm so jealous! Ethan doesn't even weigh 22 lbs yet. I wish my kid would chub up a little bit! Beckett is absolutely adorable as always. And what a sweet older brother Atticus is to be so concerned for his brother.