Tuesday, November 30, 2010

thanksgiving weekend

a few months ago when we were house hunting in the blazing heat of this desert land i walked into this house, turned right into the kitchen, saw the island and decided that not only was this the house for us but this was the kitchen destined to host thanksgiving this year. and hopefully many a year to follow. it was a dream and now my dream has come true. huzzah!

we had the LA mccoys, the AZ morleys and garlan and amanda (hereafter referred to simply as "garmanda") from utah. we are so lucky that they all came - THANK YOU everyone for coming. you made this thanksgiving especially memorable!!! plus you're all just the coolest and i felt real lucky to have you around.

as our dining room is still dining room table-less we did a little sneaky action stealing tables and chairs from the church to accommodate all s-e-v-e-n-t-e-e-n of us. it was pretty much a dream come true with delicious turkey (aka rupert) and all the other goodness that thanksgiving brings. for real - delish! thanks for all the help cooking people!

all the cousins
they all played so well together, nary an argument to be heard. and for the most part they all slept well and were happy campers for our shin dig (except for the first night when beckett was busy growing teeth. needless to say that was a less than stellar night's sleep. however it was greatly improved by erin's willingness to help rock the little man. THANK YOU erin...even if you did scare the dickens out of my in the pitch black dark!)

have i ever bragged to you about how i married into a really great family?
if not, let me do so now: i married into a really great family
i'm especially fond of my sisters-in-law (and lucky me i have several more not pictured here)
they are just cool and down to earth. and so helpful with cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids that having a house full of people was easy and fun! you ladies are the best!
plus my house was CLEANER after they left then when they got here - miracles left and right!
not to mention our early morning black friday shopping, H&M extravaganza and outing to see harry potter. rob was right when he said, "this is turning into a girls' weekend."
thank you to the husbands/dads/uncles that made the impromptu girls' weekend possible.

we had birthday party #2 for atticus while his cousins were in town. the kid got spoiled with the best gifts from everyone. thanks for showing the love peeps and making it such a happy birthday for the big three year old.
this is what happens when i say, "smile for the camera."

more cupcakes and blowing-out of candles

sitting on the island opening gifts

the festivies would not have been complete without a little bingo tournament complete with delicious candy prizes. it was lots of fun despite atticus' thrilled expression here.

how precious is this little girl?

and here's another one!
i have the cutest nieces and nephews, sadly i wasn't diligent in getting individual pictures of each one. sorry!

the newlyweds
aren't they beautiful?
as far as i can remember when i was a newlywed i'm pretty sure i was just obsessed with darek and probably not all that helpful to have around - that is not the case for the lovely garmanda! they are SOOOOOOO good with the kids and just so helpful with cooking and cleaning! plus they are just plain cool and fun to hang out with so that's also a plus. so glad you guys came! thanks for your help!


the spontaneous dance party
perhaps my favorite event of the weekend
blast the music and dance your pants off!

dancing, dancing, dancing

i have so much to be grateful for
i've been walking around my house for the last few days with such a grateful heart!
i love my family - all the mccoys and ropers that make life so much fun!
i love my sweet husband who's really got the whole being-a-great-husband thing down pat!
and my sweet boys - words aren't enough, i love you with my whole heart and soul!

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!
gobble, gobble

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


happy 3rd birthday sweet baby boy

i let him have an early cupcake, before the party started
mostly so i could get pictures like this

B and C's family (aka "the guys") came over sunday night
for an early birthday party since they'd be out of town today.

it would be a fierce understatement to say that atticus was happy
he's probably never been happier

and the guys
all his favorite things

after opening present all the kids played t-ball in the living room (remember, no furniture)
and also played the lily pad game that the guys gave atticus

they had so much fun, everyone was laughing so much
and atticus was glowing with joy!

thank you to all the guys for making A's b-day so happy

plus, we're hosting t-day for our AZ, LV and UT cousins/aunts/uncles this week
which means another b-day party is in the making for the newly turned three year old!

i love you atticus. you have changed everything about me.
happy birthday squirt!

Monday, November 22, 2010

this is either really funny and clever
or just really poor taste

you decide

nevertheless it has been added as wall decor in the boys' bathroom

and yes, it is photocopied straight from the everyone poops book
in case you want to copy cat
birthday week has begun


this picture is just a little teaser of his first birthday celebration last night - more to come

Friday, November 19, 2010

nine months old


(or maybe asking for a high five)



and laughing so hard when i was trying to get a picture of his top teeth
that all i got was him with his eyes closed

this little genius crawled up the steps today
he's going to be headed off to college before i know it!

note: i know that my blog has become all documenty and quite
lacking in the amberli witty-ness that you have all come to know and love
which means that unless you're me - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
i've been working on other projects lately and will hopefully recover
my dazzling sense of humor soon...

until then
thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i realize that halloween is so two weeks ago...


but when i was going through atticus' old clothes to restock beckett's closet i found the pumpkin sweats
and i just had to have pictures of both my boys in the pumpkin sweats

beck managed to get a lot of dirt, rocks and leaves into his mouth in the short time i had him in the backyard...
in fact, in case you didn't notice, there's a rock in his mouth in the above picture. yum.

ok, no more halloween pictures until next year

Monday, November 15, 2010

baby jail

poor beck
often in baby jail
for his own protection of course
because on the other side of this gate...

are these stairs

i took the boys to the library a couple weeks ago and
beckett crawled over to a box of books and pulled himself up to standing!
i couldn't believe it! why are you so huge, beck? i keep thinking of him as my baby but today
we had a little newborn visit us and i can't believe my huge chubbers was ever that mini.
time please slow down so i can catch my breath and snuggle my baby...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

the slumber party

we had B and the twins sleep over thursday night
as you can imagine this is the very definition of heaven for atticus
he talked about "the guys" coming all week long
and party hardied all night long

teeth brushing time

i wish i had taken more pictures
but we were too busy partying

when i count my blessings
"the guys" make the top of the list
thanks for playing guys!

Friday, November 12, 2010

May You Have

Enough happiness to keep you sweet,

Enough trials to keep you strong,

Enough sorrow to keep you human,

Enough hope to keep you happy,

Enough failure to keep you humble,

Enough success to keep you eager,

Enough wealth to meet your needs,

Enough enthusiasm to look forward,

Enough friends to give you comfort,

Enough faith to banish depression,

Enough determination to make each day better than yesterday.

~ poet unknown


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

things i don't want to forget


as time continues to accelerate i am reminded of how quickly these mini people change
and i don't want to forget any of the little details
so for the record...

the boys like to party under the kitchen table
atticus goes there to hide when he's playing or if he thinks he's in trouble
we found him under there recently eating a secret stash of treats he'd found
i walked in the other night and found beck under there practicing yoga

these boys share an affinity for the laptop

a couple days ago i had the boys with me at wal-mart. while i was getting produce atticus stood up in the cart, reached over and snaked a crown of broccoli which he proceeded to eat like an ice cream cone for the rest of our shopping trip. not only did he sit there chomping off little broccoli trees but he shouted "broooooooccoliiiiiii!" the whole time, for all of wal-mart to hear.


one day i picked up the boys from the playroom at the gym and atticus was crying hysterically. i kept asking him what was wrong but all he could do was cry, "beck-a-loo!" i finally realized that he was so sad he couldn't play with beckett when they took beck to the infant room and atticus had to stay in the big kid room. he missed his little brother.

this afternoon after i put atticus down for a nap i took beck into his room for his nap. their rooms are next to each other and when atticus heard beck crying while i changed his diaper i heard him hop out of bed and run to the door yelling "beck-a-loo!" again, trying to come to his rescue.

atticus is obsessed with "playing" darek's guitar hero and b-ball game on the playstation.
at least once a day he says, "mom, basket hoooooops!" asking to play.

he is also currently loving bubble gum and daily asks for "big Gubble gum, please!"
his please sounds like pWease
his look sounds like Yook
and his tickle tickle sounds like tickow, tickow

when we're out and about and atticus can tell we're driving towards home he starts saying, "no mom, no home!!" he also often tells me, "no mom, no nap!" as he's in the process of cuddling up in bed and falling asleep.
neither darek nor i can ever leave his room without singing to him.
"song mom, song."
"more song!"

beck has recently developed a piercing screech, something along the lines of a pterodactyl
which he mostly does to be funny
and he perfected last week in sacrament meeting

his first top tooth finally popped thru last week
and number two just cut in the last day or two

both boys earned awards of bravery getting flu shots last week
nary a peep out of either of them!

perhaps about 378 times a day atticus asks, "mom, where dad go?"
after which he often informs me, "mom, dad's at work."
he'll start asking where dad went even before darek is out the door
and occassionally he'll accidentally say, "mom, where'd mom go?"
before he realizes that i'm standing right in front of him

beck's crawl is awesome. he's getting so fast. it's still a little wobbly and shakey
often alternating between his left knee and right foot
and it's so darling
he's into EVERYTHING
tipping over and emptying out laundry baskets
unplugging lamps
dumping out water from the the humidifier
and recently discovered the kitchen cabinets
oh boy

atticus has a little prize box he gets to choose a toy from when he pees in the potty
every time he gets so excited and jumps up and down screaming
"pee pee! new toy!!"
after which he runs downstairs to the toy box
shaking his nakey buns
and occasionally carrying the potty with him
yes, with the pee pee still inside
well, inside until it spills out, that is

i was singing to the boys in the car the other day, just making up the song as i went along
singing about each member of the family
atticus then informed me that it was "atticus turn" and he also began singing
which sounded like this
"ahdoiadfnaeorizsdfjknasdi MOM
akhasdfoidafj;asdfks DAD
alkjdfoiugertbn;oifdj ATTICUS
a;lkajsdf;oiugnafgl;kdf BECK!"
then he told beck it was his turn to make up a song
he couldn't figure out why beck wasn't taking his turn!
"sing beck!"

every time i come around to atticus' door to get him out of the car
he's pretending to have fallen asleep in his carseat
even if he's still talking to me
and often informing me, "mom, atticus sleep!"
perhaps even fake snoring
then he pretends to wake up and laughs hysterically
as if he's just played the most clever joke on his old mom

he often also hides himself
under his blankie
or under the table
or behind the laundry basket
or maybe just behind his hand
and says, "mom, where'd atticus go?"
again, nothing's funnier to him then pretending to hide then jumping out to surprise me

his favorite game is chase
but this week it has a new twist
"mom, cat! atticus, dog!"
he chases me barking
and insists that i meow

the happiest time of day is when darek walks in the door after work
then it's pretty much wrestling time until bedtime
even beckett has been getting into the wrestling
literally does his shakey little crawl all the way across the floor then does a baby body slam
onto darek and atticus to get in on the action

beck loves to clap and gets so excited if you clap along with him
he's getting close to waving hello, often giving you a little tiny flick of the hand in response to your wave

sometimes when atticus is in full dad play mode he'll not allow me to join,
even push me out of the room saying, "no mom! no!"
he wants darek all to himself.

if atticus could have a piece of gum in his mouth and a marker in his hand at all times
i don't think he'd never shed a tear of sadness again

on a daily basis we combat the dragon that lives in my closet
"mom! dragon coming!"
sometimes the dragon must be shot with his little cowboys guns
but mostly the dragon just needs a good punch in the face

ok...i guess that's it for now

Monday, November 01, 2010

the festivities

my sister and her family were passing through LV on saturday on their way home from CA.
we were so happy that they decided to stay the night and celebrate halloween with us.
it was so much fun to hang out with them and we wish they'd been able to stay all week!
here's the rundown

the make-up

the skeleton

the southern belle

the cowboy with his banjo

K, J and A brought the boys presents from disneyland
mickey mouse pumpkin ears for atticus
and a mickey mouse pumpkin for beck
that atticus confiscated

saturday night we dressed the kids in their costumes and went to pumpkin town
for rides and games and RTVs and the hay maze and all kinds of halloween goodness

riding the batman boats

"yee-hawing" on the ponies

we solved the lackage of trick-or-treating problem by buying bucket loads of candy
and having the kids trick-or-treat from room to room in our house
we even turned off the lights, played scary music
and darek did a little scare house in our closet
the kids loved it!

beck eye balling att's candy
incidentally beckett's shaky crawling really took off this weekend
as he made a beeline for any and all candy within a five foot radius
i guess all he needed was a little incentive

and finally last night darek got all decked out to scare the little neighborhood kiddies
when they came trick-or-treating. during the first hour we only got a couple of trick-or-treaters
and we thought maybe we had moved into an anti-halloween neighborhood but then it really picked up and it was so much fun! we decorated our doorway with cobwebs and a black light and played our scary music. our neighbor told us that there used to be a guy next door that did a whole haunted house each year that was packed. he hasn't done it for a few years tho so we're thinking maybe next year we'll do a little haunted maze through our garage for trick-or-treaters. we'll see.

we hope you had a
happy halloween!