Tuesday, October 26, 2010


we had our ward trunk-or-treating party tonight
we made our appearance sporting the dracula-skeleton-witch-cowboy look
sadly the boys weren't too keen on looking at the camera for picture time

darek, on the other hand, had no problem looking at the camera
and looking quite frightening i might add

for real - this face might be in my nightmares tonight

i must admit, our trunk decor was out of the world complete with creepy music

this very well may be my most favorite picture of these three boys
i laugh each time i look at it
darek...never out of character
atticus so dainty reaching for his hot dog slices
beck real happy he's getting away with stealing someone's cup

the cowboy was whoopin and hollerin and yee-hawing all night long
it might have really tickled my idaho-roots fancy
and FYI - mccoy cowboys wear converse
and shoot cap guns
and really love it

att with his little pirate bestie, how cute are these boys?

mama witch with her baby boys

and beck finished off all the candy
little sneak


i dug out att's skull beanie this afternoon to keep the mini's skeleton head warm for tonight's festivities. when he discovered, retrieved and tried to eat a plastic halloween spider, i couldn't let the photo opp pass.

and how could i say no when atticus begged for "black toes" when he saw me painting mine last night in preparation for tonight's witchery? twin toes (minus the long thirdies, lucky kid)

atticus all muddy from playing in the backyard
sort of being frankenstieny, matching his shirt

we did a little test drive of the cowboy get up last night
and i just loved these two standing at the ottoman watching tv together
i love me some baby buns in mini jeans!

and in the name of cute-baby-in-jeans-ness
we'll finish up with a little beckage



Gramma Dani said...

All I can say is WOW! Great photos!

Likely said...

so cute. you are a hot mama witch!

Jeannie said...

Your picture of the boys is better than any of mine. They are too cute!

The Gainors said...

so great! darek is so festive, what a good sport. my husband has never really gotten the dress up thing. it's hard to convert a guy. lucky you found a fun one. i can't wait to visit!

allegra said...

no way, you guys went all out for trunk or treat!! so rad. you guys are rad.

Trisha said...

You look amazing!!! I can't wait to see you.