Monday, October 11, 2010

such a fun weekend

we were out and about a bunch this weekend
and i loved every second of it!
friday night we went to the
in the parking lot of trader joes
i could take this opportunity to rehash my i-miss-boston-with-its-real-pumpkin-patch woes
but i won't
because we had tons of fun!



darek was standing behind me hitting me with a blow up bat that atticus won at the one of the games to get the boys to look up and smile. atticus thought it was real funny. beck was mostly just confused.

beck watching atticus on the rides

and loving this huge pumpkin

my little pumpkin
eating the hay

this was a real funny endeavor. it was impossible to get all three looking at me at the same time.
again, atticus thinking darek was real funny, and beck just being confused.

riding the train

the biggest hit of the night, of course, was the huge blow up bouncy slide.
darek and i had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard at atticus.
he would bounce and bounce at the top and just launch himself down the slide each time.

then saturday morning heaven visited me in the form of a community wide yard sale!
our yard sale was pretty weak, not too successful - especially since i took most of our earnings and went a-shoppin at all the neighbors' houses. but it was real fun nonetheless.
ps- this is our house. and our sad little garage sale.

saturday night might have been the cherry on top of the cake
we went to a huge renaissance festival at sunset park. have you ever been to one of those spectacles? we just walked around with a look of utter shock on our faces, could not believe what we were seeing!!! for real, it's like a renaissance festival is a free pass - giving the men permission to wear skirts and the women permission to strip down wench-style! and people act crazy, like they really believe this is the 14th century. they live in tents during the festival and cook dinner on spits over open fires and dress up like warriors and jesters and fairies and ninjas and courtiers and kings and queens and pirates and scary gothic things and all manner of weirdness and it's like they've forgotten what year it is. or what century it is, for that matter. and they speak with accents and say things like "ye" and "thou" and "thar she blows!" plus there were camels and horses and parrots and snakes and the coolest little monkey that took a dollar from att's hand and gave him a high five (although they charges $5 to take a picture with thanks.)

anyway, it was a scene, man! not to mention the fairies that were teasing us as we walked by who saw our double stroller with only beckett in it and said, "oh look they're missing a baby! do you know what that means??? there's a baby wandering around here for us to eat!!"

anyway - i didn't take many pics of the crazies, but here are a few.

and atticus checking out the ducks at the pond

so that's that. it was a fun busy weekend and i'm beat!
i hope you had a fun weekend too, sans baby-eating-fairies!



Jeannie said...

I was going to ask if you made it to the pumpkin patch and I forgot. Looks like fun. Your pictures look great. We've never gone to the Ranissance Fair but maybe we'll have to check it out. Oh, and I also was going to tell you I have a copy of The Book Thief if you want it.

Julia said...

girl, those boot camps are paying off. You look great! (not that you didn't before, but I CAN see a difference.)