Friday, September 03, 2010

more lovin' on september

did you know that september is national yoga month? pretty rad, right?
perhaps that will make me do more yoga.
more than when i stretch after getting up in the morning and calling it yoga, that is.
anyway, click on the link above to find free yoga classes and events in your area!

so anyway, this national yoga month got me thinking...
who decides what deserves its own month?
i mean there are only twelve months after all.
who gets to decide what the twelve most important things
are that get their own month?
or do some things have to share months?
and perhaps most importantly,
how do you go about procuring your own month?

since i am unable to identify this month delegating entity
(i'm sure i could google it and find out but who has time when there are so many other unimportant things to google?)
i've decided to appoint myself national month assigner person
so here goes:

january: national chocolate month (to fight off the winter blues)
ah, shucks that's cheating since i personally celebrate national chocolate day 365 days a year...

let's start over
january: national running month
since running really does fight off the winter blues
and most likely fulfills the requirements of at least one of your new year's resolutions
(all you poor suckers who still dwell in igloo-esque temperatures, you're welcome to postpone your running month to spring if you wish.)

february: national go to a movie every night month
because i love me some movie-going

march: national share recipes month
that sounds delicious

april: national spring cleaning and put all your treasures on craigslist month
how great would it be if we all got rid of our junk all at once then scroungers like me could find all the treasures on craigslist and be so happy? let's do it!
(i've found me some doozies lately, get excited for sharing time)

may: national no cell phone or computer use month
could we handle it?
i would love it!

june: national roller coaster month

because who doesn't love a good roller coaster?
besides all you roller coaster about water slides instead?

july: national eating watermelon and corn on the cob everyday month
no explanation needed

august: national vacation month
let's follow in the footsteps of the most glorious culture on earth (italian, duh)
and observe ferragosto and take the WHOLE MONTH off for eating, sleeping, traveling and general nothing-ing.

september: national picnicking month
see picture below

october: national learn a new hobby month
so i can keep practicing my sewing next month

november: national napping month
because by november, i'm generally pretty sleepy

december: national simplifying month
so simple
sounds nice

september cpk picnic

enjoy your yoga month
~ namaste ~


Crazy Lady said...

you are so funny amberli. i will nominate you to be the month picker good choices.

Rachel said...

Oh I miss you! I am so glad you have a blog so I can still laugh with you. Your posts rock! And I especially like your reference to Italy's month-long vacation! Love it!

Likely said...

I am on board with your year! sounds fun! So does a CPK picnic! What a bunch of cuties you all are.

Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

i have done yoga 3 times this week. yay for ferragosto!!! oh, we need it so bad.