Thursday, September 09, 2010

the mini heads

the boys saw their new pediatrician yesterday for the first time
they are both over 90th percentile for height and weight
and both less than the 15th percentile for head size
mini heads


poor beck hasn't had a wellness check since his one month checkup due to moving and waiting for our new insurance to kick in, so he's behind on shots...which meant lots of "hurts" (atticus calls shots "hurts") yesterday. so sad. at least his chubby little thighs are ideal for shots...
we have to go in every six weeks until he's caught up...sorry beck...

he also managed to remove the cotton ball from beneath one of his bandaids yesterday after getting shots and sticking the whole cotton ball into his mouth. i wouldn't have even known since he sucked it all up and cemented it to the top of his mouth, except i saw a tiny fuzz sticking to his lips. i had to manhandle the poor babe to pry his mouth open and remove the plastered cotton ball from the roof of his mouth...i wonder how long it would have stayed there if i had seen the stray fuzz?

for the sake of record-keeping: the stats

2 yrs, 9 mo
41 inches tall, above 95th percentile
35.8 lbs. 90-95th percentile
head 48 cm, about 15th percentile

6 mo, 3 weeks
28 inches long, 90th percentile
21.4 lbs. 95th percentile
head 42.5 cm, 5th percentile

in the words of the nurse:
(much to darek's delight)
"looks like you've got some serious basketball players on your hands!"


Gramma Dani said...

s-o-o-o-o-o-o cute!!!

Amy D. said...

Basketball players with mini it.

Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

love the stats... and atticus is 1 lb less than my 5 year old princess.... i guess she really is a lightweight. and kellan still hasn't had her 5 year check up, and she is behind on shots, so you're not alone. :)