Thursday, September 16, 2010

i've been painting

with no shoes on

and perhaps the best (nastiest) part, besides that i'm posting it here,
is that i didn't even know my feet were painty
until i came into my house
and they stuck to the carpet

anyway, it's all in the name of home improvement though

these little beauties joined the family a couple weeks ago
they've been aerating in the garage as they previously lived in a smoke infested house
and they needed some paint
so some paint they've been getting

and hopefully i'll have some after pics soon

so i've learned a couple things by spending far too much time on craigslist
such as:

people don't proof read much
either that or they just plain can't spell

it you want a $69 item shipped from ikea, it will cost you $380 in shipping

if you post something without pictures you might as well not post at all

if the word "unique" is in the title it most likely translates to horrifyingly ugly!

and even if you find the loveliest antique bookshelves in all this whole wild world
you're husband just won't see their glory and will veto the purchase

and a few of my favorite listings:
"china cabin"
oh good! i've heard china is a lovely place to buy a cabin

"chair and automan"
how refreshing that good furniture is coming with its own auto mechanic these days

"one night stand"
no comment


An Ordinary Mom said...

I must admit, I needed a good belly laugh (and so did Nern) tonight ... thanks for sharing your Craigslist funnies :) !!

Can't wait to see more after pictures!

Gramma Dani said...

Love the post - the feet are definitely calendar material... :-)

Mama Thompson said...

totally had that furniture in our house growing up...pretty sure they came from my grandparents house...I LOVE them and can't wait to see them with some new paint!

Shawna S said...

So random blog stalker here. I hope I am not being creepy - but I just had to leave a comment. I have two bedside tables that were my grandmothers - that look exactly like that dresser and end table. White shiny paint on top, yellowish everywhere else, and gold trim. I got them after my grandmother passed away and they are so dear to me. I painted them black with blue handles. I would love to email you pictures - again - if that isn't too creepy :)

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

I LOVE how they have turned out! I can't wait for "our room" to be all finished for our next visit :)

Rachel said...

Seriously laughing out loud at the Craigslist postings. Classic.

Annie Ditto said...

Me too- laughing out loud!!

My feet looked EXACTLY like yours just a few weeks ago, but they were blue and I too had NO IDEA that there was paint all over me until walking in and sticking to the floor! So glad you are also a bare foot kind girl!

Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

i love finding CL beauties... especially the free ones you can turn into masterpieces! and i love your momma's comment about your feet and the calendar! this will be my 3rd year with our calendar, all thanks to you!!!!