Wednesday, September 01, 2010

i love september
i'm so glad it's here

and not only because it was a heavenly 82 degrees at the park today
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i love las vegas, i'm grateful to be here and very aware that it's a blessing to be here
and don't forget that living here through the winter will more than seal the deal for me

i know, however, that fall is going to make me homesick for boston something fierce
today at the park i was spying on these two moms to see if i wanted to go make friends
like remember when you were single and checked out people at school, parties, etc. that you'd maybe want to date?
and then you got married and thought your checking out days were over
but then discovered that dating was still present in your life, just more complicated
instead of just finding one hot guy/girl you wanted to hang out with
you had to find a cool couple, twice the work
cool wife
cool husband
and it's not like it could just be i like the wife/darek likes the husband
darek also had to get along with the wife and i had to get along with the husband
plus they had to both like each of us back
four way dating
very complicated

and then you have kids
and suddenly you're not only sizing up the other couple
but their kids too
hm, atticus - do you want to be friends with that kid?
the one that just hit you in the face/stole your toy/pushed you down the slide?

anyway, i was spying with this kind of criteria in mind...
and i overheard one say to the other that she'd recently been in boston and i thought,
"oh perfect! let's be friends!"
until i continued spying
and continued overhearing
that she was at the park
and she was checking people out
(perhaps spying for friends too)
and that all the rumors she'd heard about boston people are true
(i thought this was perhaps the perfect moment to burst into the conversation and proclaim that i was from boston! wanna be friends?)
that everyone from boston is a SNOB!!!
we think we're better than everyone else!!!
and here's the best part:
because we were the first colony!!!
and have been snobby since the FOUNDING OF AMERICA!!!
it just runs in our blood back there
isn't that hilarious???
i won't continue to embarrass them for their gross misjudgement by replaying the remainder of the conversation
but i will mention that it deteriorated to the point of slandering bostonians for stealing america from the native americans...

let's not be friends
but dear september,
may we have a good one this year!


Mama Thompson said...

I wonder if they thought they sounded all smart talking about the "first colony" and the "founding of America" are amazing.

Cagney and Laci said...

Ummm, those girls sound ridiculous! That is a pretty great story! Boston Falls will miss you to!

Bonnie said...

That's hilarious! We'll miss you during apple picking this year... But you won't miss us during the hurricane headed our way or the crazy NorEasters.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Are you kidding me? But so few of us Bostonians are even natives to the area and even fewer dating back from those days. New Englanders can be a little isolated and insular, but not snobby.

I don't understand these city/area turf wars. They are just places to live and don't make you who you are good or bad.

Except for those dang awful Californians, don't get me started on those snobs!

I'll try not to take too many fall foliage photos next month and lots of photos of the February gloom.

Likely said...

I talk about this ALL THE TIME with Dave. It is SOOO hard to find cool couples to hang out with. One of the couple is a loser usually. ha ha --- how does that even happen? Don't cool people marry eachother??? I know we did. :)

And I have TOTALLY thought it is just like dating again. I usually find though that it isn't so much what I have in common with the other mom though as much as it is our parenting styles and outgoing-ness and self-security that attracts me. There are so many insecure girls out there even at our age. I am rambling. I wish we were eating brownies out of a steaming hot pan talking about all of this together..... with our husbands.....

because we would be the coolest four way dating couples....ever.

This was a fun post.

Likely said...

And We will miss you this fall out east for sure! Our new house is SURROUNDED by the hugest oak trees you have ever seen. Wish y ou could come over and jump in them.

And also -- the nerve of that mom and her boston impression. Funny though, PEople out ehre have a funny impression of californians... that WE think we are better than everyone.