Friday, September 10, 2010

the frazzled mom...

yesterday i loaded my kids up in the car
drove 20 minutes to buy a piece of furniture i found on craigslist
got there
then discovered
i'd left my wallet at home
in the stroller, in fact
which i had actually taken out of my car
to make room for the furniture i was picking up
- ironic -

today i was stopped at a red light
and suddenly atticus was standing at my shoulder
whispering in my ear
i had forgotten to buckle his seat belt

and i got honked at for missing the green light when it changed
i also got honked at for nearly running a guy off the road while reaching back to give atticus a granola bar

beckett was crying in his carseat
and then stopped
which was nice
but then i discovered why...
atticus has stuck his sucker in beckett's mouth
so nice to share....

and i have no idea why i thought taking my kids to walmart today was a good idea
just a quick in and out, no biggie
but it was a biggie, a biggie disaster

and i still can't figure out how i managed to spend twice as much as i planned
and forgot half the stuff on my list

then we had coco pebbles for lunch
with two spoons

let's pray for a more successful post-nap afternoon


cori said...

i love you.

we are twins. i can so relate to this.

i remember once looking for carter...i could see keaton...but couldn't find carter...he was in my arms the whole time...that stuff still happens.

i really want a bowl of coco pebbles. i may. and i will drink the chocolate milk right outta the bowl too!

Likely said...


coco pebbles for lumch was my favorite part. just perfect.

Likely said...

oh, and I ahve totally done the forgot to buckle max's seatbelt thing. Aren't we so grateful that they remind us?

Kara Camille said...

You're too funny, and so are those kiddos. What a cute family. We had so much fun rekindling our past-2-years-of-not-seeing-eachother friendship. Maybe next week we could meet up at Town Square.