Wednesday, September 29, 2010

blogging drought
and other nonsense

plus a cute pic of the mini

as you have undoubtedly noticed, i've been a woman of few words in my posts of late. i have no excuse for this. it's simply a blogging drought. not much to say. *snore* lest you be alarmed let me reassure you that my normally verbose self will soon resurface. maybe even before this post is through. in the meantime...

can i just holla a resounding AMEN to president monson's talk last week?
what? you say you missed it? well, let's remedy that asap, shall we?
here's the text
but you really must watch his delivery
and so tender
i love me a tender heart

and because i'm getting all teary and cheesy i'd just like to confess to the world that i love it when we stand and sing hymns together during conference sessions. i love knowing that we are all united through out the whole world singing the hymns at the same time and in all languages. it's amazing to me and i just wanted to let my ladies out there know that many of your pretty faces flashed through my mind while we were singing "more holiness give me" last weekend. and maybe i shed a tear or two because i really love you.

alright, we'll leave the cheese to my thighs and move on...

i've fallen into a horrible routine. it causes me to be something only vaguely resembling productive but is otherwise not even remotely productive at all. it all begins with going to bed after midnight...every if i'm some young lass who can survive on no sleep at all. then in the morning darek gets the boys up since he's already getting up for work. so then i just kind of pretend to still be asleep until i can hear the boys in the playroom begging for some parental attention in the form of breakfast.

get up
so tired

very very very (that's three verys) minimal effort at that old "get ready for the day" routine
i mean who has time for that business these days? i actually got the compliment tonight at boot camp that i looked cute because i had eye liner on! has it come to this? eye liner = ready? oh geez.
(incidentally i applied the eye liner in the car, on the way to boot camp. splendid.)

anyway, we hobble around the kitchen and somehow manage to quiet the boys' growling tummies
then beck usually goes back down for a nap
so no outing for big brother
sometimes i'm really responsible and have a little playmate over or something so he can have a fun morning
but other days, i'm mostly just sleep walking around
this is usually when "too much tv" happens
which is why i always have little kid show songs in my head
anyway, then beck gets up and sometimes we go on a really fun outing
but then other days, i'm still just sleep walking around
do you see the pattern here?

boys down for a nap
this is always when i think i'm going to clean the bathroom and finish RE-finishing the furniture in the garage, and scrub the kitchen floor and all those others things i always say i'm going to do
but what i really do
because i'm beat
we're usually up a little before darek gets home from work
so i hobble around the kitchen some more and rustle up some dinner
sometimes a gourmet home cooked meal
but sometimes coco pebbles

bedtime routine for the boys
which you'd think means i then go to bed
but alas i'm wide awake
so a little tv
claiming i have nothing to say, then writing pointless posts anyway
and suddenly it's 11:10 in the PM and here i am
stuck in my cycle

any words of advice?


Gramma Dani said...

Wish I did have some advice - sounds all too familiar - been there, done that, still doing that... :-)

Amy D. said...

No NAP...stick it out for one day. You can do it. Early bedtime my friend. (This is all coming from my dream world. Like I don't stay up way to late every night:)

Julia said...

i agree with Amy-no nap. It'll be tough that day, but you'll love your bed earlier that night. Sometimes when Paul is working I find myself falling asleep around 9pm. Sad...i have no life, but I do wake up well rested at 7.

Crazy Lady said...

don't worry, your babe is still little, you just moved. heck you are working out so that counts for tons. don't listen to amy d and julie (who i'm sure are very nice people). nap every dang day if you can cause one day you won't ever be able to....

naps are a mental recharge as they are sleep in my opinion. it won't be like this forever, the boys have perfectly grand lives with a stay at home mom. its quantity not quality that is important. you are there. tv sheamv. its not hurting. they are loved. do what you gotta do.

Amberli said... far i think i like brooke's input the best. although perhaps i'll skip the nap today, just for giggles.

Hawks said...

dont worry...i do the same thing and I only have one kid...ha ha

erica said...

no advice from me as that's my life - which you know because our kiddos are the same age...and i'm okay with arranged marriages.