Tuesday, September 21, 2010

around our house lately...
not too much going on

a new little (albeit cheapie) fisheye attachment showed up in my mailbox this morning
so here's a little view of our lacking-a-dining-room-table dining room area

we've been cleaning and painting and organizing
and yet the house still feels to be a work in progress
i suppose that will be the case for a while

i went to my first boot camp class last night, it was awesome!
it burned my buns which is just the kind of burning i need!

yesterday i had to laugh when i told atticus,
"yeah, you can have more syrup but you have to have a waffle with it."
he lost interest immediately

a friend of mine suggested i check out
two sisters recipe blog for new recipes
so i'm passing along the suggestion to you

i've just started reading THIS book and highly recommend that you do too
the author attends my church and is incredible
but this subject deserves a post of it's own
so to be continued

i just walked into the TV room at find atticus watching rachel ray
i asked if he wanted me to change the channel
and he said, "no! rachel ray!"

he then asked me for chocolate milk cereal
which is what he calls coco pebbles

do you ever look around your house and think
"ok, who was the wise guy that snuck in here and made all these messes?"
i do
all the time


1 comment:

Ambrosia said...

What a grand staircase and landing. So fun!!

I can't wait to try the eggplant foccacia sandwich on your friend's website (I am glad I saw this BEFORE I went shopping today.)

I am also very interested in hearing your review of the book.

And yes, I do wonder about the messes. Only I wonder how in the world they do it so fast and why they don't clean it up before mommy dragon returns to make them clean it up. ;)