Wednesday, September 29, 2010

blogging drought
and other nonsense

plus a cute pic of the mini

as you have undoubtedly noticed, i've been a woman of few words in my posts of late. i have no excuse for this. it's simply a blogging drought. not much to say. *snore* lest you be alarmed let me reassure you that my normally verbose self will soon resurface. maybe even before this post is through. in the meantime...

can i just holla a resounding AMEN to president monson's talk last week?
what? you say you missed it? well, let's remedy that asap, shall we?
here's the text
but you really must watch his delivery
and so tender
i love me a tender heart

and because i'm getting all teary and cheesy i'd just like to confess to the world that i love it when we stand and sing hymns together during conference sessions. i love knowing that we are all united through out the whole world singing the hymns at the same time and in all languages. it's amazing to me and i just wanted to let my ladies out there know that many of your pretty faces flashed through my mind while we were singing "more holiness give me" last weekend. and maybe i shed a tear or two because i really love you.

alright, we'll leave the cheese to my thighs and move on...

i've fallen into a horrible routine. it causes me to be something only vaguely resembling productive but is otherwise not even remotely productive at all. it all begins with going to bed after midnight...every if i'm some young lass who can survive on no sleep at all. then in the morning darek gets the boys up since he's already getting up for work. so then i just kind of pretend to still be asleep until i can hear the boys in the playroom begging for some parental attention in the form of breakfast.

get up
so tired

very very very (that's three verys) minimal effort at that old "get ready for the day" routine
i mean who has time for that business these days? i actually got the compliment tonight at boot camp that i looked cute because i had eye liner on! has it come to this? eye liner = ready? oh geez.
(incidentally i applied the eye liner in the car, on the way to boot camp. splendid.)

anyway, we hobble around the kitchen and somehow manage to quiet the boys' growling tummies
then beck usually goes back down for a nap
so no outing for big brother
sometimes i'm really responsible and have a little playmate over or something so he can have a fun morning
but other days, i'm mostly just sleep walking around
this is usually when "too much tv" happens
which is why i always have little kid show songs in my head
anyway, then beck gets up and sometimes we go on a really fun outing
but then other days, i'm still just sleep walking around
do you see the pattern here?

boys down for a nap
this is always when i think i'm going to clean the bathroom and finish RE-finishing the furniture in the garage, and scrub the kitchen floor and all those others things i always say i'm going to do
but what i really do
because i'm beat
we're usually up a little before darek gets home from work
so i hobble around the kitchen some more and rustle up some dinner
sometimes a gourmet home cooked meal
but sometimes coco pebbles

bedtime routine for the boys
which you'd think means i then go to bed
but alas i'm wide awake
so a little tv
claiming i have nothing to say, then writing pointless posts anyway
and suddenly it's 11:10 in the PM and here i am
stuck in my cycle

any words of advice?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

darek wasn't the biggest fan of yesterday's big boy haircut

we mohawked it





the end

Saturday, September 25, 2010

the big boy haircut


i am always amazed that my never-sit-still-maniac-toddler
will always sit still for a hair cut

i wonder if the stylist would agree to come cut his hair during sacrament meeting?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

beck's cameo

i know that cameos are all the rage right now, and i hate to be a copy cat
but his little profile just seemed so deserving...

i tried to make it a little bit unique by mounting it
on a page of music from a vintage song book

the title is
and above the title it says
"for my mother"
how fitting


anyway - HERE'S the little diy tutorial if you're also interested in copy catting
in case you're wondering where your lipstick is
it's entirely possible that my toddler has it


i'm just lucky he came to show me his luscious lips before any real damage was done


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

around our house lately...
not too much going on

a new little (albeit cheapie) fisheye attachment showed up in my mailbox this morning
so here's a little view of our lacking-a-dining-room-table dining room area

we've been cleaning and painting and organizing
and yet the house still feels to be a work in progress
i suppose that will be the case for a while

i went to my first boot camp class last night, it was awesome!
it burned my buns which is just the kind of burning i need!

yesterday i had to laugh when i told atticus,
"yeah, you can have more syrup but you have to have a waffle with it."
he lost interest immediately

a friend of mine suggested i check out
two sisters recipe blog for new recipes
so i'm passing along the suggestion to you

i've just started reading THIS book and highly recommend that you do too
the author attends my church and is incredible
but this subject deserves a post of it's own
so to be continued

i just walked into the TV room at find atticus watching rachel ray
i asked if he wanted me to change the channel
and he said, "no! rachel ray!"

he then asked me for chocolate milk cereal
which is what he calls coco pebbles

do you ever look around your house and think
"ok, who was the wise guy that snuck in here and made all these messes?"
i do
all the time


Sunday, September 19, 2010

it's been seven months
since this marshmallow vacated my womb


and he's been such an easy baby, i've even caught myself eyeing a pregnant belly or two
(shhh...don't tell darek!)


baby beckett
i love when you reach out to touch my face
i love to hear your belly laughs
and i can't believe how often you gleek when i'm feeding you cereal



and as usual, as soon as atticus saw the camera he had to jump into the picture


i thank my lucky stars everyday that these boys each have a brother


Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i've been painting

with no shoes on

and perhaps the best (nastiest) part, besides that i'm posting it here,
is that i didn't even know my feet were painty
until i came into my house
and they stuck to the carpet

anyway, it's all in the name of home improvement though

these little beauties joined the family a couple weeks ago
they've been aerating in the garage as they previously lived in a smoke infested house
and they needed some paint
so some paint they've been getting

and hopefully i'll have some after pics soon

so i've learned a couple things by spending far too much time on craigslist
such as:

people don't proof read much
either that or they just plain can't spell

it you want a $69 item shipped from ikea, it will cost you $380 in shipping

if you post something without pictures you might as well not post at all

if the word "unique" is in the title it most likely translates to horrifyingly ugly!

and even if you find the loveliest antique bookshelves in all this whole wild world
you're husband just won't see their glory and will veto the purchase

and a few of my favorite listings:
"china cabin"
oh good! i've heard china is a lovely place to buy a cabin

"chair and automan"
how refreshing that good furniture is coming with its own auto mechanic these days

"one night stand"
no comment

Monday, September 13, 2010

happy monday!


good morning!
how are you? how was your weekend?

we had a really great weekend - a little BBQ with friends that we haven't seen for a couple years, some hanging out, some shopping, etc. etc. a great weekend.

we also spoke in church yesterday. "spoke in church" in LDS lingo = members of our congregation are invited to study a gospel topic and then give a talk on it to the entire congregation. darek and i were asked to speak and we were given the 11th article of faith as our topic. the articles of faith are a 13 verses that summarize what the LDS church believes and can be found HERE

so anyway, we spoke on the 11th article of faith which says:
"we claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where and what they may."

i spoke primarily on tolerance and diversity, loving and accepting everyone even if they have different beliefs than our own, and learning from our differences instead of being judgmental and critical. darek spoke mostly on the freedoms of our country and how grateful we are to have the religious freedom this country allows. our talks we really well received, perhaps because of the anniversary of 9/11 this last week or the idiot who wanted to have a Qur'an burning party (i know he has the right to freedom of speech, etc. but i think it shows incredibly poor judgment and is very violence-promoting instead of peace-inducing...i could go on, but i'll step off my soapbox now before i cause trouble...)

anyway - a couple of my favorite quotes from our talks:

"our doctrine is one of inclusion [not exclusion]. that is what we believe. of all the people on this earth, we should be the most loving, the kindest and the most tolerant because of that doctrine. our pioneer ancestors were driven from place to place by uninformed and intolerant neighbors. they experienced extraordinary hardship and persecution because they thought, acted and believed differently from others. if our history teaches us nothing else, it should teach us to respect the rights of all people to peacefully coexist with one another."
~ Elder M. Russell Ballard

this one was from darek's talk and was also great!
from Abraham Lincoln

"we have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown. but we have forgotten God. we have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of their own. intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!"

anyway - i was really grateful for the chance to study this topic this last week. i feel deeply grateful for our religious freedoms and hopeful that we will be a tolerant, peace-promoting people.

have a happy day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

the frazzled mom...

yesterday i loaded my kids up in the car
drove 20 minutes to buy a piece of furniture i found on craigslist
got there
then discovered
i'd left my wallet at home
in the stroller, in fact
which i had actually taken out of my car
to make room for the furniture i was picking up
- ironic -

today i was stopped at a red light
and suddenly atticus was standing at my shoulder
whispering in my ear
i had forgotten to buckle his seat belt

and i got honked at for missing the green light when it changed
i also got honked at for nearly running a guy off the road while reaching back to give atticus a granola bar

beckett was crying in his carseat
and then stopped
which was nice
but then i discovered why...
atticus has stuck his sucker in beckett's mouth
so nice to share....

and i have no idea why i thought taking my kids to walmart today was a good idea
just a quick in and out, no biggie
but it was a biggie, a biggie disaster

and i still can't figure out how i managed to spend twice as much as i planned
and forgot half the stuff on my list

then we had coco pebbles for lunch
with two spoons

let's pray for a more successful post-nap afternoon


may we all accomplish our to do lists today
and avoid our to don't lists

Thursday, September 09, 2010

the mini heads

the boys saw their new pediatrician yesterday for the first time
they are both over 90th percentile for height and weight
and both less than the 15th percentile for head size
mini heads


poor beck hasn't had a wellness check since his one month checkup due to moving and waiting for our new insurance to kick in, so he's behind on shots...which meant lots of "hurts" (atticus calls shots "hurts") yesterday. so sad. at least his chubby little thighs are ideal for shots...
we have to go in every six weeks until he's caught up...sorry beck...

he also managed to remove the cotton ball from beneath one of his bandaids yesterday after getting shots and sticking the whole cotton ball into his mouth. i wouldn't have even known since he sucked it all up and cemented it to the top of his mouth, except i saw a tiny fuzz sticking to his lips. i had to manhandle the poor babe to pry his mouth open and remove the plastered cotton ball from the roof of his mouth...i wonder how long it would have stayed there if i had seen the stray fuzz?

for the sake of record-keeping: the stats

2 yrs, 9 mo
41 inches tall, above 95th percentile
35.8 lbs. 90-95th percentile
head 48 cm, about 15th percentile

6 mo, 3 weeks
28 inches long, 90th percentile
21.4 lbs. 95th percentile
head 42.5 cm, 5th percentile

in the words of the nurse:
(much to darek's delight)
"looks like you've got some serious basketball players on your hands!"

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

today's accompaniment

thank you to my super hip sis-in-law cori who introduced me to this little gem
mindy gledhill

(get a free download)

"all about your heart"
this song was written for nie nie
"it's not about your scars, it's all about your heart"

"i do adore"


Sunday, September 05, 2010

atticus' photography

i picked up my little camera to take a quick video of beckett's new babblingness and found
there was no more memory space because atticus had taken 134 pictures with it sometime in the last 24 hours.
there was some fine photography but this one was my favorite.

Friday, September 03, 2010

more lovin' on september

did you know that september is national yoga month? pretty rad, right?
perhaps that will make me do more yoga.
more than when i stretch after getting up in the morning and calling it yoga, that is.
anyway, click on the link above to find free yoga classes and events in your area!

so anyway, this national yoga month got me thinking...
who decides what deserves its own month?
i mean there are only twelve months after all.
who gets to decide what the twelve most important things
are that get their own month?
or do some things have to share months?
and perhaps most importantly,
how do you go about procuring your own month?

since i am unable to identify this month delegating entity
(i'm sure i could google it and find out but who has time when there are so many other unimportant things to google?)
i've decided to appoint myself national month assigner person
so here goes:

january: national chocolate month (to fight off the winter blues)
ah, shucks that's cheating since i personally celebrate national chocolate day 365 days a year...

let's start over
january: national running month
since running really does fight off the winter blues
and most likely fulfills the requirements of at least one of your new year's resolutions
(all you poor suckers who still dwell in igloo-esque temperatures, you're welcome to postpone your running month to spring if you wish.)

february: national go to a movie every night month
because i love me some movie-going

march: national share recipes month
that sounds delicious

april: national spring cleaning and put all your treasures on craigslist month
how great would it be if we all got rid of our junk all at once then scroungers like me could find all the treasures on craigslist and be so happy? let's do it!
(i've found me some doozies lately, get excited for sharing time)

may: national no cell phone or computer use month
could we handle it?
i would love it!

june: national roller coaster month

because who doesn't love a good roller coaster?
besides all you roller coaster about water slides instead?

july: national eating watermelon and corn on the cob everyday month
no explanation needed

august: national vacation month
let's follow in the footsteps of the most glorious culture on earth (italian, duh)
and observe ferragosto and take the WHOLE MONTH off for eating, sleeping, traveling and general nothing-ing.

september: national picnicking month
see picture below

october: national learn a new hobby month
so i can keep practicing my sewing next month

november: national napping month
because by november, i'm generally pretty sleepy

december: national simplifying month
so simple
sounds nice

september cpk picnic

enjoy your yoga month
~ namaste ~

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

i love september
i'm so glad it's here

and not only because it was a heavenly 82 degrees at the park today
<span class=

i love las vegas, i'm grateful to be here and very aware that it's a blessing to be here
and don't forget that living here through the winter will more than seal the deal for me

i know, however, that fall is going to make me homesick for boston something fierce
today at the park i was spying on these two moms to see if i wanted to go make friends
like remember when you were single and checked out people at school, parties, etc. that you'd maybe want to date?
and then you got married and thought your checking out days were over
but then discovered that dating was still present in your life, just more complicated
instead of just finding one hot guy/girl you wanted to hang out with
you had to find a cool couple, twice the work
cool wife
cool husband
and it's not like it could just be i like the wife/darek likes the husband
darek also had to get along with the wife and i had to get along with the husband
plus they had to both like each of us back
four way dating
very complicated

and then you have kids
and suddenly you're not only sizing up the other couple
but their kids too
hm, atticus - do you want to be friends with that kid?
the one that just hit you in the face/stole your toy/pushed you down the slide?

anyway, i was spying with this kind of criteria in mind...
and i overheard one say to the other that she'd recently been in boston and i thought,
"oh perfect! let's be friends!"
until i continued spying
and continued overhearing
that she was at the park
and she was checking people out
(perhaps spying for friends too)
and that all the rumors she'd heard about boston people are true
(i thought this was perhaps the perfect moment to burst into the conversation and proclaim that i was from boston! wanna be friends?)
that everyone from boston is a SNOB!!!
we think we're better than everyone else!!!
and here's the best part:
because we were the first colony!!!
and have been snobby since the FOUNDING OF AMERICA!!!
it just runs in our blood back there
isn't that hilarious???
i won't continue to embarrass them for their gross misjudgement by replaying the remainder of the conversation
but i will mention that it deteriorated to the point of slandering bostonians for stealing america from the native americans...

let's not be friends
but dear september,
may we have a good one this year!