Tuesday, August 24, 2010

turning 32 and stuff
so the good news is that after close examination i've concluded that at 32 i look identical to what i looked at 31
(the bad news is that 31 wasn't my cutest year...)

i've decided to let go of my yearly tradition of turning 29 for the fourth year in a row and instead fully embrace my 32 years!
we celebrated from morning til night,
kicking off the day with ice cream crepes
and ending the day with a little Eat, Pray, Love action
(it was long and a little slow but still good)
and thank you yo cori, kenz and brinks who brought me happy, smiley sunflowers
and babysat the boys so the hub and i could go out on a b-day date. it was dreamy!
my boys spoiled me all day long. i've decided that at the ripe young age of 32 the time has come for me to learn to sew. i got a sewing machine and all the fixin's for my birthday. my sister and her family were in town and as she's an accomplished seamstress i begged some sewing lessons. my first project is underway and will shortly be making it's debut on the bliggity blog.
my favorite thing: all my cute boys, just being cute
my sis and her fam made me delicious breakfast...
and i had the leftovers for lunch...
and probably will do the same thing today
THANK you K, J and A for coming to visit and making our weekend so so much fun!
we love you guys, come again soon!

darek's parents also came to visit us last week. they are super champs for helping out so much with the house and getting settled. sadly, our furniture and storage from boston arrived literally the hour their plane took off so janet wasn't here for her favorite part of unpacking and organizing but they were still a HUGE help getting prepped for our stuff to arrive. we painted the office, play room, both boys' rooms and the garage door while they were here. i'll post before and after pictures as soon as my house achieves "after picture worthy" status.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to my awesome in-laws for all the
cooking, cleaning, shopping, painting and babysitting you did while you were here.we LOVE you!! it was so great to have you visit!
here's the post painting pic of the office - painted manhattan mist
in other words, light grey
i had a stroke of genius while at michael's searching for artsy fartsy stuff for the house.
i got atticus a whole stock of wooden cars, animals, bird houses, etc. to paint while we painted rooms in the house. this helped to lessen his temptation of reaching into our paint buckets and slathering hand prints onto anything and everything within his reach.

he was quite proud of his artistic creations

that's it for now, thanks for checking in!

PS - today's the day
run, don't walk!
(and let me know what you think!)


Bronwyn James said...

Good grief girl, you look amazing at 32! Where do you shop by the way? I'll be doing some serious shopping in a few months and I need some new stores to try. I love all your cutie outfits. Happy birthday! Love you!

Gramma Dani said...

Love these photos!!! Glad you had such a great birthday!

Crazy Lady said...

whatever you are a totally hot and cute at 31 and 32.

Nikki said...

You look busy. Hope you're having fun with all the house stuff. Looks and sounds like you are. And having a great bday is a treat...starting off with visitors and yummy breakfast. Glad all is well. Happy bday again!