Saturday, August 28, 2010

this mccoy mcblog book club meeting
is officially called to order

let's discuss, shall we?


for all you slow pokes out there who haven't yet finished the book
(afterall, i "took my time" and read it in four days instead of two)
don't read this post! i don't want to ruin anything for you!
i'll try to be a little discreet in how i say things to not ruin it
but nevertheless stop reading this post and get back to that book!
then come back and put in your two cents

first things first:

so glad she ended up with who she ended up with!
(mama thompson, you were right!)
this was the much more peaceful and natural relationship
if she had ended up with the other boy it would have been forced and maybe a little hostile given how their relationship progresses through the final book? he had different ambitions (political, etc.) than her too and a lot of anger. and of course i hated prim's demise but it had to happen to really solidify that they shouldn't be together, you know what i mean?

speaking of the prim's demise - LAME! the whole reason katniss got involved in the hunger games in the first place was to save prim. and then she loses her in the final minute of the war?? and maybe even by the rebels' bombs? LAME! but i guess we couldn't expect all our favorite characters to make it through the book - so sad about finnick!! loved him! poor annie, how's she supposed to hold herself together now? and with a baby too?

and how about that hijacked scenario? poor guy! i thought it would maybe prevent them from ending up together but it was necessary for the story. can you imagine if it had just been the "she loves me, she loves me not" go around between those three for the whole book? would have driven me crazy! i liked the hijacked business to kind of throw a wrench in there and it helps katniss really figure out her true feelings, no faking for the camera.

katniss as mockingjay - first off, i for sure dig katniss a whole lot more than bella swan! finally a less annoying main character even if she did lack personal insight a bit but i can forgive her for that. i dug her speech to the camera after the hospital fell! maybe got a goose bump or two. i dug her as the mockingjay but think she should have had more front line battle stuff. in fact, when she tells herself near the end (when she's trying to keep her sanity and repeats simple sentences to herself) that she took down the capitol, i don't think she really did. she got in there but then never did anything real major that allowed the rest of the rebels to get in and ultimately win the war. they got in on their own, i wish she were more instrumental in making that happen. does that make sense? i guess her as the mockingjay symbol gave the rebels the courage to fight so i supposed in an indirect way she helped with the final take down of the capitol.
are you with me on that?

haymitch - i hate that he goes back to the bottle at the end, like he didn't learn anything or become a better person by going through all that? i know he drinks because of his years of trauma so i guess it makes sense, but still. and i wish he and katniss had ended up with a closer relationship by the end too since they supposedly so alike, but i guess they have their negative traits in common so maybe that why they never fully bond?

i liked that more minor characters played important roles like cressida getting the through the capitol, pollux getting through the underground tunnels and tigris hiding and disguising them. loved that boggs was on katniss' side despite coin's hatred for her. loved cinna's foresight that played out through this book. i never totally bonded with the rest of her prep team though. i wish paylor had been talked about more through out the book though so that it would have been more significant to the reader that she was elected pres at the end. and what's with a republic that doesn't have katniss attend her own court hearing? i think the author just wanted to the end the book at that point and not get into a court hearing. (?)

the ending - i love how katniss chooses to use her final arrow at the execution, it was unexpected, a good twist. but i don't like that she didn't end up executing snow since that's her entire focus the whole book. she should have grabbed a guard's gun or something and killed snow before they arrested her. i loved that peeta was there to prevent her from taking the pill and that gale wouldn't shoot her. i hated that there was going to be another hunger games (even if it was "for prim") and how katniss and haymitch voted. i liked peeta's response best. i guess that's supposed to be some message about mankind's ultimate greed for power and even the "good guys" can be corrupted by power and all that jazz. and to make us for sure hate coin of course so that katniss' execution makes more sense. i don't like that it's snow that makes her realize it though, but i guess it's his wickedness that allows him to recognize coin's wickedness. and lame that snow gets to stay in his greenhouse. what?

love that they have kids in the end :)

alrighty comments please!
tell me what you think!!


Mama Thompson said...

I got the first 2 books from my friend last Friday...I read the first one on Saturday and the second one on Sunday....I couldn't handle waiting till Tuesday...I went and bought the 3rd as soon as I could (even though I don't even own the first 2) and then stayed up till 3 am to read the final that sad?!

I really, really just LOVED them. I totally agree that Katniss is a great main character (boo on Bella). And I will say again that I am SO glad she ended up with Peeta, I loved him from the beginning...Gail is just a very angry kid.

Prim's dying was sad...and kind of out of no where...I blame Coin...who did she think she better then Snow in my opinion and I couldn't be happier that Katniss killed her.

I'm am totally with you on them voting for another Hunger would think after all they had been through they would never want that to happen again...sad.

Oh...have I said I just love 'em:) Yeah for "happily" ever after...and kids too!

Annie Ditto said...

Berli! Thanks for having a book club on your blog!! I have been dying to share my opinions with someone!
Such amazing stories...props to Suzanne Collins for using so many details that all play into the whole picture in the end...I loved these books!!!
However, I also felt like the end was a bit abrupt(?) I guess maybe I was hoping for a happy, resolved, ending but that wouldn't have been too realistic following a war I guess.
I think Katniss had to say yes to another hunger games so that Coin would have no reserves in thinking they were on the same page- that way she could be sure to carry out the plan that was forming in her mind to kill Coin.
I also hated that Finnick and Prim died...necessary for Prim, but Finnick?
And YAY for Peeta! he has been my favorite through all of the books!! SO HAPPY they ended up together...but a little weird that Gale and Katniss never really spoke again...they were supposed to have such a close relationship(?)

Loved it all...but glad they're over- I don't think I'm a very attentive mom when I'm in the middle of books like these :)

Crazy Lady said...

What a great assessment. if she ended up with gale i would have been ticked. but i wish it would have been more dramatic. my least favorite of the three books by far

Totally agree with Annie too about katniss voting it on purpose.

Amberli said...

brooke - i agree that it needed to be more dramatic, that's why i was thinking that she should have had more front line battle stuff.

and annie - yeah it did end abruptly, it needed to smooth things out with all the characters and tell a little more about life after the war and how it was better than before.