Friday, August 27, 2010

i'm receiving reports that many of you are losing sleep wondering how goes my sewing endeavors.
well, let me put your mind at ease and share my first finished project.

my sewing plans don't include anything too fancy
you know, the standard blanket, pillow, curtains
perhaps an apron or two
the occasional wedding dress
nothing complicated

and you may or may not be aware of this fact but let me enlighten you
my sister happens to be the reigning queen of rag quilts
and as she was my mentor in the ways of sewing
i made a rag quilt, toddler size

-the front-

and atticus modeling the back
which i might like more than the front
(and yes, it might be a titch girly, but i'm a girl so deal)

and beckett modeling the rag quilt's
debut in the still incomplete nursery

so i'm considering my first attempt at sewing a success and have decided to continue this hot pursuit.
i've started on curtains for atticus' room.
the status update: they look a little lame,
so i'll keep working on them.

do you sew?
any tips for me?
sewing 101 tutorials?
projects you think i should try?
let me have it folks!



Annie Ditto said...

SWEET projects lately Berli! You are so crafty!! Is that a blue mockingjay on the back of the quilt :) you must be done by now right? Can we have book club on your blog and talk about it?!?

Gramma Dani said...

Wow! I'm impressed...who knew???

Rachel said...

Oh I love it! Just perfect. And your boys, too! :)