Thursday, July 08, 2010

the scenic drive

since we didn't have a chance to spend time in orange county while we were in CA last weekend i insisted on a "scenic drive" on our way out of town. my parents sold our house and moved to SLC six years ago and i hadn't been to CA since i had gone down to help them pack up the house. that's six years of some serious homesickness, people!
i LOVED boston
and i'm digging LV
but i will always and forever be
a california girl!

our first stop on the drive: the newport beach temple.
beautiful! even with the overcast weather.

next: my favorite place on this planet we call earth
laguna beach

it made me so happy to bring my boys here
atticus and i raced up and down the boardwalk

and as much as i wanted a picture with atticus in front of the lifeguard tower
he just wasn't having it. he did all he could to wrestle out of my arms.
many a passerby laughed at this display

and the final stop: of course, my old house
yep, they painted it light pink. gag me please.
it was fun to see, but i'm happy to report that as sentimental as it was i've moved on. it just doesn't feel like home without my family there. and this is such a great time for me to realize this as we are so close (woo hoo!) to closing on our own house here!! it's time for us to create a home of our own and make sure that our children feel as happy in their childhood home as i did in mine!

ta ta for now, california.
we'll be seeing much more of each other from now on!

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Julia said...

Awe...memory lane. Glad you got to visit.