Thursday, July 15, 2010

rice cereal was a hit

this little man has been eyeing big people food for a few weeks now
yesterday during lunch he stared so intently, following darek's food from plate to mouth
so we busted out the rice cereal for the first time
it was a success
check out those man hoohoo's!
oh and that sad little heat rash on his neck...if you have a miracle cure let me know, please


Bonnie said...

So Patrick and I have been debating about if we should start Owen on rice cereal. He made me buy it 'just in case', but I'm holding out for a little more time. I don't know why... but my point is, we compare everything with what Beckett does :) So now Patrick thinks he's won... we'll see. Side note: You can imaging my alarm when you posted pictures of Beck holding up his head like a pro!

Ryan said...

aquafor by eucerin (don't know if I spelled that right), but a little of this stuff on our babies neck at night before bed worked like a charm and no more puke/slobber rash.

Rachel said...

Oh he is so cute! Miss you guys.

Nadia said...

I look at your blog, but never leave a comment - who knows why. Lazy... stalker... it could be anything. But today is different. First congratulations on the "new" babe, and the new place. I do know of an amazing cream, my mom used it when we were kids and I use it now. Its actually an herb. Its called Comfrey cream. Madeline had such a bad rash that it actually left a little scar but after a few days of the Comfrey It cleared up and the scar faded away. It really is amazing. We use it for Diaper rash, but it can be used anywhere. You can find it at a health food store or some place like that. Good Luck :)

Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

the miracle cure is organic, cold pressed, coconut oil. it works on every skin problem. i mean everything. rash, scraped knees, blisters, dry skin, anything. in our house, it's known as the owie stuff. it smells good, feels great going on. you can use it post shower in that dry weather for super smooth skin. you can also eat it and cook with it. it is some of the best stuff around. enjoy!