Friday, July 30, 2010

once upon a time

remember that one time when we finally signed all our paperwork for the house?
yeah, that was today. woo hoo!
(hope to get the key early next week!)

and that other time that it was not only HOT but really HUMID in las vegas and i thought i was back in boston?
yeah, that was also today.

and also that one time that darek IMed me this:
"so i'm sitting in the bank with this teller chick
and she's talking about how she's expecting in dec,
so we're talking kids and stuff...
and from behind me i hear this loud guy come in
and he goes up to the lady i'm sitting with
and starts rubbing her belly and talking to her and stuff
and then i realize...
(and it was, for real. apparently he lives in our hood.)
yeah, this also happened today
how funny is that???

and then that one time a friend of mine told me that on her first date with her boyfriend he took her to a tapas bar and i thought she said "topless bar" and i thought, "wow, what a classy guy!"
yeah, that was funny too.


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Leah said...

So happy for you guys!! Now where are the pictures of it?