Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just a whole lot of random
i found my little camera a couple days ago, it's been missing in action for a while now.
i laughed when i downloaded the pictures! atticus loves to steal that camera
(probably why it's been MIA for a while)
and take pictures.
i posted a few below
but decided against posting those taken in my skivies
you just never know when att's taking pics!
(sidenote: when i showed darek the less-than-modest pictures i didn't know atticus had taken of me, he told me that recently how found a little video on his blackberry that atticus had taken of me nursing beckett!!! oh dear...)
date night for our anniversary
we used to do fun things like go out of town for the weekend for anniversaries
but now, just a childless dinner and a movie date feels like heaven!

darek got me a rose plant to plant in my new garden at the house
so cute, right?
these were taken over a month ago
we picked up darek from work and had a little picnic in the park
this is a standard beckett face
the happiest child in the world
and the chubbiest thighs!
atticus got a hold of the camera at some point and wanted to take funny pictures of mom and dad
more of att's work

then the random little girl whom atticus befriended at the park wanted a turn taking pictures
she also requested funny faces

i walked in the room a few days ago and saw atticus showing beck how to play with cars
the important life lessons passed on from brother to brother
they also had some special tv watching time
love that they're looking at each other here
these boys just love each other!
beckett can't take his eyes off atticus
and atticus is always giving beck toys and patting his head and chatting with him
it might bring a tender tear or two to my eye
more of atticus' beautiful photography
and there were about ten pics of this favorite blankie
such love
hm, i guess that's it for today's randomness


Crazy Lady said...

amberli, you look so pretty and YOUNG!!!! lets talk.

so what movie did you see?

Bronwyn James said...

Oh my word, those pics of them lying down together are unbelievably precious.