Tuesday, July 06, 2010

home again

you know how it's really nice to be home from vacation for like five minutes
and then you just wish you were still on vacation?

that's how i feel today...

we had such a great time, like a i-took-158-pictures great time
and right now i'm too lazy to go through all the pics and decide which to post
so for now, you get my legs
at the beach
oh the blessed beach

i'm continually amazed at my children's uncanny ability to sprout teeth on long road trips
poor beck had some rough nights
but it wasn't until the third night, after 3 1/2 hours of crying and fussing and not sleeping
and me thinking, "beck, why are you fussy? you're never fussy?
and "why aren't you sleeping? you always sleep?"
that i realized the poor little guy needed tylenol for sore gums
administer tylenol
ten minuted later - out for the night
well actually the morning since we'd been up all night

so needless to say, i was highly sleep deprived this trip
but the days were great, so much fun to hang out with family and laugh tons and
chitty chat like some serious chitty chatters! plus went to two movies
THIS ONE really made me laugh

and we ate lots of treats
like LOTS of them

and went to the beach, which wasn't a sunny affair, but still a happy affair

i wish we could have spent more time in orange county and seen some friends down there
instead we ended up just doing a little "scenic drive" through OC before leaving town
which entailed a little drive by the newport beach temple, which i'd never seen
a little cruise down PCH
and short stroll along the boardwalk in laguna
and a drive by my old house
which is currently up for sale again
so you better believe i rang the bell and prepared to pretend like a potential buyer
so i could see the inside!
but they weren't home...

BUT (sidenote) speaking of homes up for sale
our offer was accepted by the bank!!
can we all take a moment to scream out "HALLELUJAH!!!" please?
thank you

it was a GREAT trip
a HUGE thank you to the LA mccoys for hosting
and for making it so fun for us!
pics to come!


Mama Thompson said...

glad you had such a fun trip...and CONGRATS on the house!

Margaret said...

Yay, so excited about the house!!!
And, I loved Knight & Day too. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
We're currently toughing out a heat wave New England style. I haven't been outside all day. Only a few more days to go before I'm holed up in a hospital with central air and room service. Can't wait!
Love and miss you!

Nikki said...

So much fun to go to the beach! Glad you enjoyed it. Congrats on the house! When is moving day?

Kara Camille said...

Congrats on getting a house! I'm so so so out of the loop. Clay and I were just talking the other day how we CANNOT believe we haven't seen you guys. I think we're done with all our little escapades, so we'll have to make it happen sooner rather than later! Are you already moved in?