Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fare thee well apartment life

so i'm not one to be counting my chickens before they hatch but it seems a very likely possibility that we'll be closing on our house this friday! this may not be the case for you, but that's pretty much the most exciting thing i've ever heard. i'm a little nervous though. it feels so major, and so permanent. i've been craving some relief from all the temporary/transitionary living circumstances that i've pretty much lived in since moving away from home over a decade ago, but now that it's here my commitment phobia might be kicking in just a titch...just a titch though, a very small titch, because mostly i'm so excited that i can hardly breath and for sure can't sleep at night. i'm making all kinds of plans which mostly involves obsessing over home decorating sites and scouring craigslist for golden treasures. needless to say my excitement far outweighs my nerves.
this may very well (hopefully) be my last few days of ever living in an apartment so i feel it appropriate to make a little farewell speech:
farewell pool
it is you that i will truly miss
farewell maintanence man who came so speedy to our rescue to fix our air conditioner last night
you too will be sorely missed
farewell to the kind of scary looking dude that seems like you'd not really be into children but make googoo eyes at beckett and call him a cabbage patch doll every time you see him
i won't miss you much, but thanks for saying my kid's cute
farewell to the leather skin lady who spends too much time smoking next to the pool
i won't miss you at all but thanks for reminding me to wear sunscreen
farewell to the loud neighbors upstairs who listen to heavy metal music during my kids' nap times and smoke in your apartment so the smoke flutters down through my bathroom vents to grace us with its stink
you're the very last people in the world i'll miss
farewell to the bozo that always parks in our assigned parking spot
you're annoying
farewell to the huge dumspters that get so smelly in the 112 degree weather
you stink
farewell little tiny porch
i'll tell my huge backyard hello for you
farewell to the stained carpet
i'll try to remember to buy some resolve before we move
farewell master "walk-in" closet
you'd be embarrased to know that about five of you would fit into my new master closet
and finally
i'll miss you most of all scarecrow
(name that movie and win an all expenses paid trip to vegas to stay in our guest room!)
fine print: only the guest room part is paid for, you pay the rest. haha!
wish us luck!
and come visit soon!


laura said...

Hurrah! Congratulations! Do post some pics of the new place. We hope that all is well in vegas.

Bronwyn James said...

Wizard of Oz! I'll be sure to take you up on the free room next time I'm in Vegas. Congrats on the house!

theleguis said...

congrats. Closer to home (cali) must be nice. Good luck!

Nikki said...

Hope you get keys to your new house really soon...if you haven't already!