Monday, July 12, 2010

.happy anniversary.
.to the handsome hub.

eight wonderful years
let's recap, shall we?
i meet this super hot washingtonian in my spanish class
he picks me pansies, he brings me chocolate milk
i take him snowboarding
we fall in love
i kiss him farewell and send him on his mission
he kisses me hello and welcomes me home from mine
we date
we're in love
we get married
and start life from scratch
we live in a little provo house for a minute
then the dungeon for two years
then harmony square where we harmonize for 365 days
we pack up a tiny u-haul
and we-haul our tv and mattress across the entire country
we start again from scratch
and dwell for five blissful years embracing east coast life
cape cod
new york city
portland, maine
and everywhere in between
we do grown up things
like have real jobs
and live in cool places
and turn thirty
boston baby #1 is born
and brings us so much joy
that we pop out a second
double the joy
again we pack up our lives
and head cross country
our sweet little family of four
and here we are again
starting from scratch
happier than we've ever been
on the brink of the next great chapter
i love you sweet husband
thank you for our life
and our boys
and ourselves together forever
i love you


Crazy Lady said...


An Ordinary Mom said...

Happy Anniversary to two amazing people! We can't wait to come check out your new digs :) !!

P.S. K got her ears pierced today. We will always remember the date because she was 8 on your 8th wedding anniversary. So fun :)!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

P.P.S. You look gorgeous!