Wednesday, July 07, 2010

.one road trip.
.two movies.
.three water park/beaches.
.four(th) of july.
.five days.
.six kids.
.seven(teen) bandaids.
.eight farkles.
.nine(ty) degrees.
.ten mccoys.
in heaven!

zuma beach
please note derelique's sweet danny zuko hairstyle
also known as the rooster look

atticus officially married these goggles while in ca
had to fight them out of his hands at bedtime

brooke all bundled up
it wasn't the warmest day at the beach
but lovely nonetheless

the little lady paisley eating her sandy sucker

the kids working on some serious sand projects

running away from me
his favorite thing to do

digging holes to bury the kids

sweet darby

digging out of his hole

buried baylie

luke looking cool

and uncle jason (please pronounce "Ha-sone")
taking care of beck so i could take pics
more ca pics to come!

1 comment:

Terese said...

That's the beach I grew up going to!! I love the drive and going past Pepperdine. Magical. What a fun trip! You guys look great. I totally need to get my kids goggles. They are so jealous of the other kids' at the pool!