Monday, July 26, 2010

.five months old.
life's been a little crazy in the five months since this little whipper snapper was born. i've been pretty diligent about keeping journals for my boys but poor baby beck's journal has been a little bare of late, hence the many blog posts of his growth. please humor me, i gotta document his life some how, since time just keeps flying by!

check out that roly poly belly
don't worry bon bon, this pic was staged. he can only sit up for a few seconds before toppling
over so don't fret if owen's not sitting up yet :)

such a happy, giggly little guy

loving his toys
chewing on anything he can get his hands on
belly laugh

i retrieved some storage boxes from my brother's house when i was in utah last month
and lo and behold, found some of my cabbage patch dolls.
beck fits right in

and much to darek's dismay, atticus couldn't resist playing with the dolls as soon as i brought them out
looks like i don't need a girl afterall

perhaps my happiest mommy-hood thing right now is how much my boys love each other. beck can stare at atticus and his crazy antics all day long. and atticus is so sweet to beck, always bringing him toys and playing with him and wanting to hold him. i know i get all cheesy and squooshy mooshy when i talk about my boys but alas, they do and always will simply melt my heart away!


Gramma Dani said...

Such incredibly beautiful kids!!!

Bonnie said...

Beck is looking so cute and more like Atticus I think. And thanks for thinking of my alarm when I saw Beckett sitting up :) haha I thought that was funny. I did the same thing the other day with Owen and propped him up and then took pictures. They're getting so big so fast!