Thursday, July 08, 2010

the bbq

we had to skip fireworks on the fourth of july this year due to many-a-tired-child already in bed
i admit, i'm a fan of fireworks
like the kind that ooo's and aaah's every year as if i've never seen them before
but the holiday was lovely nonetheless
especially because the bbq food was so delicious!

check out this hot couple!

um, yeah...and this hot couple too...
i asked for a cute pic of the brothers
this is what i got

sweet little darbs got an ouchie on her eye while we were at the park
but isn't she incredibly beautiful anyway!!??

the gang (minus brooke, the photographer) at the park

i hope everyone had a tasty fourth of july!

1 comment:

Crazy Lady said...

ah those are great. although i look chubby, but was probably well earned due to the chocolate cake.

i'm so glad my kids feel like they know your kids now.