Friday, July 30, 2010

once upon a time

remember that one time when we finally signed all our paperwork for the house?
yeah, that was today. woo hoo!
(hope to get the key early next week!)

and that other time that it was not only HOT but really HUMID in las vegas and i thought i was back in boston?
yeah, that was also today.

and also that one time that darek IMed me this:
"so i'm sitting in the bank with this teller chick
and she's talking about how she's expecting in dec,
so we're talking kids and stuff...
and from behind me i hear this loud guy come in
and he goes up to the lady i'm sitting with
and starts rubbing her belly and talking to her and stuff
and then i realize...
(and it was, for real. apparently he lives in our hood.)
yeah, this also happened today
how funny is that???

and then that one time a friend of mine told me that on her first date with her boyfriend he took her to a tapas bar and i thought she said "topless bar" and i thought, "wow, what a classy guy!"
yeah, that was funny too.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My chi’s all amuck
so remember that time a few months ago when i recounted the story of the magazine sales-chick waltzing into my apartment, charming me with her your-kids-are-so-cute act, and selling me a subscription to yoga journal all before i could say "om"? well, weeks passed, then months passed and no yoga journal. bamboozled! i was just about to get my panies all in a bunch when tada!
enter yoga journal!
shall we all chant in celebration?
‘tis true, my friends, that i could use me some good yoga practice right about now.
my chi’s all amuck, my zen, my yin, my yang, my this, my that, i’m a frazzled mess!
mind chatter clutters my brain which makes it difficult for me to be fully present in my life, enjoy the process instead of just feeling impatient for the result. not to mention my posture – i’ve been all “pregnant for like a year, then nursed a baby for like a year, then pregnant again for like a year and now nursing another baby…etc” and my body’s feeling it!
so I’ve been doing me some reading
and perhaps a little yoga-ing
and this is what I’ve come up with
aka – equanimity
basically this means
staying balanced and grounded
acting instead of reacting
taking responsibility for the things within your control
and letting go of the rest
doesn’t that sound nice?
let’s practice it, shall we?
there’s a little story in the blessed yoga journal that illustrates it well:
“a farmer’s most valuable asset is the one horse he owns. one day it runs away. all the townspeople commiserate with him, ‘oh, what terrible luck! you’ve fallen into poverty now, with no way to pull the plow or move your goods!’ the farmer merely responds, ‘I don’t know if it’s unfortunate or not; all I know is that my horse is gone.’
a few days later, the horse returns and following it are six more horses. the townspeople say, ‘oh! you’ve struck it rich! now you have seven horses to your name!’ again, the farmer says, ‘i don’t know if i’m fortunate or not; all i can say is that i now have seven horses in my stable.’
a few days later, while the farmer’s son is trying to break in one of the wild stallions, he’s thrown from the horse and is injured. all the townspeople bemoan his fate: ‘oh, how terrible! your son is badly injured and cannot help you with your harvest! what a misfortune!’ the farmer responds, ‘i don’t know if it’s a misfortune or not; i only know that my son has been injured.’
less than a week later, the army sweeps through town, conscripting all the young men to fight in a war…all except for the farmer’s son, who is unable to fight because of his injury.”

The article continues by saying:
"the fact is, you can’t know what changes your life will bring or what the ultimate consequences will be…in this radical acceptance (equanimity) lies peace and freedom – right there in the midst of whatever pleasant or unpleasant circumstances we find ourselves in. when we open to the truth that there is actually very little we can control other than our own reactions to circumstances, we learn to let go.
i vaguely remembering being good at this kind of stuff in my former life as a therapist, pre-motherhood. something about resistance –> bad, acceptance –> good. i used to actually get paid for this stuff. now it’s like a dusty bookshelf in the back of my sleep deprived mind.
it’s time to
let go
move on
just be
.good night.

Monday, July 26, 2010

.five months old.
life's been a little crazy in the five months since this little whipper snapper was born. i've been pretty diligent about keeping journals for my boys but poor baby beck's journal has been a little bare of late, hence the many blog posts of his growth. please humor me, i gotta document his life some how, since time just keeps flying by!

check out that roly poly belly
don't worry bon bon, this pic was staged. he can only sit up for a few seconds before toppling
over so don't fret if owen's not sitting up yet :)

such a happy, giggly little guy

loving his toys
chewing on anything he can get his hands on
belly laugh

i retrieved some storage boxes from my brother's house when i was in utah last month
and lo and behold, found some of my cabbage patch dolls.
beck fits right in

and much to darek's dismay, atticus couldn't resist playing with the dolls as soon as i brought them out
looks like i don't need a girl afterall

perhaps my happiest mommy-hood thing right now is how much my boys love each other. beck can stare at atticus and his crazy antics all day long. and atticus is so sweet to beck, always bringing him toys and playing with him and wanting to hold him. i know i get all cheesy and squooshy mooshy when i talk about my boys but alas, they do and always will simply melt my heart away!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

we ended the weekend
by feeding (and chasing) pigeons

these little guys were not shy
they perched atop my arm and duked it out for the blessed puffed wheat
and atticus practised flying

i hope you all had a lovely weekend as well

Friday, July 23, 2010

mccoy family recent obsessions
butterfinger blizzards
(att was so super stealth and snuck his little stool from the bathroom
to the kitchen to retrieve this prize in the freezer before we even knew what was happening.
he got to finish the treat as a reward for his craftiness.)

atticus' obsessions
treats (duh)
putting neosporin on his owies
sitting on the potty, but not going potty
piling ten towels on himself (he's even napping with one right now)
brushing his teeth (no joke, like 20 times a day)
cars, trucks, planes, balls, etc. etc.
lining things up
muppets from space
toast with pumpkin butter
darek's obsessions
treats (duh)
the aforementioned butterfinger blizzards
the hunger games (haha, i got him hooked!)
5 AM basketball (crazy!)
amberli's obsessions
treats (duh)
audrey hepburn (currently reading her bio)
house decor (so annoying, keeps me up at night!)
finding good deals
sourdough toast
beckett's obsessions
staring at big brother
smiling at mom and dad
being cute

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what have you been listening to lately?
turns out i've been feeling a little folky
i started a new pandora station this week
i listed:
she & him
the avett brothers
zee avi
and this is what pandora came up with
thank you macy's clearance rack for the 75% off shoes

she & him ~ brand new shoes
the white stripes ~ we're going to be friends
johnny cash ~ big river
old crow medicine show ~ fall on my knees
cat power ~ sea of love
sarah harmer ~ uniform grey
jaymay ~ sycamore down
bright eyes ~ first day of my life
zee avi ~ i am me once more
bob dylan ~ blowin in the wind
the avett brothers ~ the new love song
the avett brothers ~ denouncing november blue
bob dylan ~ it ain't me babe
she & him ~ i thought i saw your face today
ingrid michaelson ~ sort of
feist ~ tout doucement

matt costa ~ sunshine

zee avi ~ bitter heart

do you have any suggestions for me?

~ enjoy ~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fare thee well apartment life

so i'm not one to be counting my chickens before they hatch but it seems a very likely possibility that we'll be closing on our house this friday! this may not be the case for you, but that's pretty much the most exciting thing i've ever heard. i'm a little nervous though. it feels so major, and so permanent. i've been craving some relief from all the temporary/transitionary living circumstances that i've pretty much lived in since moving away from home over a decade ago, but now that it's here my commitment phobia might be kicking in just a titch...just a titch though, a very small titch, because mostly i'm so excited that i can hardly breath and for sure can't sleep at night. i'm making all kinds of plans which mostly involves obsessing over home decorating sites and scouring craigslist for golden treasures. needless to say my excitement far outweighs my nerves.
this may very well (hopefully) be my last few days of ever living in an apartment so i feel it appropriate to make a little farewell speech:
farewell pool
it is you that i will truly miss
farewell maintanence man who came so speedy to our rescue to fix our air conditioner last night
you too will be sorely missed
farewell to the kind of scary looking dude that seems like you'd not really be into children but make googoo eyes at beckett and call him a cabbage patch doll every time you see him
i won't miss you much, but thanks for saying my kid's cute
farewell to the leather skin lady who spends too much time smoking next to the pool
i won't miss you at all but thanks for reminding me to wear sunscreen
farewell to the loud neighbors upstairs who listen to heavy metal music during my kids' nap times and smoke in your apartment so the smoke flutters down through my bathroom vents to grace us with its stink
you're the very last people in the world i'll miss
farewell to the bozo that always parks in our assigned parking spot
you're annoying
farewell to the huge dumspters that get so smelly in the 112 degree weather
you stink
farewell little tiny porch
i'll tell my huge backyard hello for you
farewell to the stained carpet
i'll try to remember to buy some resolve before we move
farewell master "walk-in" closet
you'd be embarrased to know that about five of you would fit into my new master closet
and finally
i'll miss you most of all scarecrow
(name that movie and win an all expenses paid trip to vegas to stay in our guest room!)
fine print: only the guest room part is paid for, you pay the rest. haha!
wish us luck!
and come visit soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010


and the plot thickens
your thoughts?

and now we shall (im)patiently await...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

i bought it yesterday
and finished reading it tonight
so what do you think?
team peeta? or team gale?

lucky for me the good husband is picking up the second book for me on his way home tonight

oh me, oh my...what will happen next?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

rice cereal was a hit

this little man has been eyeing big people food for a few weeks now
yesterday during lunch he stared so intently, following darek's food from plate to mouth
so we busted out the rice cereal for the first time
it was a success
check out those man hoohoo's!
oh and that sad little heat rash on his neck...if you have a miracle cure let me know, please

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

no joke

just a whole lot of random
i found my little camera a couple days ago, it's been missing in action for a while now.
i laughed when i downloaded the pictures! atticus loves to steal that camera
(probably why it's been MIA for a while)
and take pictures.
i posted a few below
but decided against posting those taken in my skivies
you just never know when att's taking pics!
(sidenote: when i showed darek the less-than-modest pictures i didn't know atticus had taken of me, he told me that recently how found a little video on his blackberry that atticus had taken of me nursing beckett!!! oh dear...)
date night for our anniversary
we used to do fun things like go out of town for the weekend for anniversaries
but now, just a childless dinner and a movie date feels like heaven!

darek got me a rose plant to plant in my new garden at the house
so cute, right?
these were taken over a month ago
we picked up darek from work and had a little picnic in the park
this is a standard beckett face
the happiest child in the world
and the chubbiest thighs!
atticus got a hold of the camera at some point and wanted to take funny pictures of mom and dad
more of att's work

then the random little girl whom atticus befriended at the park wanted a turn taking pictures
she also requested funny faces

i walked in the room a few days ago and saw atticus showing beck how to play with cars
the important life lessons passed on from brother to brother
they also had some special tv watching time
love that they're looking at each other here
these boys just love each other!
beckett can't take his eyes off atticus
and atticus is always giving beck toys and patting his head and chatting with him
it might bring a tender tear or two to my eye
more of atticus' beautiful photography
and there were about ten pics of this favorite blankie
such love
hm, i guess that's it for today's randomness

Monday, July 12, 2010

.happy anniversary.
.to the handsome hub.

eight wonderful years
let's recap, shall we?
i meet this super hot washingtonian in my spanish class
he picks me pansies, he brings me chocolate milk
i take him snowboarding
we fall in love
i kiss him farewell and send him on his mission
he kisses me hello and welcomes me home from mine
we date
we're in love
we get married
and start life from scratch
we live in a little provo house for a minute
then the dungeon for two years
then harmony square where we harmonize for 365 days
we pack up a tiny u-haul
and we-haul our tv and mattress across the entire country
we start again from scratch
and dwell for five blissful years embracing east coast life
cape cod
new york city
portland, maine
and everywhere in between
we do grown up things
like have real jobs
and live in cool places
and turn thirty
boston baby #1 is born
and brings us so much joy
that we pop out a second
double the joy
again we pack up our lives
and head cross country
our sweet little family of four
and here we are again
starting from scratch
happier than we've ever been
on the brink of the next great chapter
i love you sweet husband
thank you for our life
and our boys
and ourselves together forever
i love you

Saturday, July 10, 2010

do not delay!!!
kamilah (aka the very talented and beautiful clothing designer!)
has started her own clothing line!!


her line is simple and classic and yet very high quality with unique detail.
she uses all ECO-FRIENDLY and FAIR-TRADE materials
and specializes in sustainable fashion
beautiful pieces that will last and last

see what she has to say about it here!

congrats to kamilah on her exciting new adventure!

Friday, July 09, 2010


i can not resist a clean little babe wrapped in a fluffy towel
this babe is an angel, we're so blessed to have him

still waiting for those little teethies to pop through
~ i love you sweet beckett ~

Thursday, July 08, 2010

the scenic drive

since we didn't have a chance to spend time in orange county while we were in CA last weekend i insisted on a "scenic drive" on our way out of town. my parents sold our house and moved to SLC six years ago and i hadn't been to CA since i had gone down to help them pack up the house. that's six years of some serious homesickness, people!
i LOVED boston
and i'm digging LV
but i will always and forever be
a california girl!

our first stop on the drive: the newport beach temple.
beautiful! even with the overcast weather.

next: my favorite place on this planet we call earth
laguna beach

it made me so happy to bring my boys here
atticus and i raced up and down the boardwalk

and as much as i wanted a picture with atticus in front of the lifeguard tower
he just wasn't having it. he did all he could to wrestle out of my arms.
many a passerby laughed at this display

and the final stop: of course, my old house
yep, they painted it light pink. gag me please.
it was fun to see, but i'm happy to report that as sentimental as it was i've moved on. it just doesn't feel like home without my family there. and this is such a great time for me to realize this as we are so close (woo hoo!) to closing on our own house here!! it's time for us to create a home of our own and make sure that our children feel as happy in their childhood home as i did in mine!

ta ta for now, california.
we'll be seeing much more of each other from now on!
the bbq

we had to skip fireworks on the fourth of july this year due to many-a-tired-child already in bed
i admit, i'm a fan of fireworks
like the kind that ooo's and aaah's every year as if i've never seen them before
but the holiday was lovely nonetheless
especially because the bbq food was so delicious!

check out this hot couple!

um, yeah...and this hot couple too...
i asked for a cute pic of the brothers
this is what i got

sweet little darbs got an ouchie on her eye while we were at the park
but isn't she incredibly beautiful anyway!!??

the gang (minus brooke, the photographer) at the park

i hope everyone had a tasty fourth of july!