Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my (not so) triumphant return
to the blog

well, we made it home and i'm pretty beat. i gotta admit, i'm feeling some pressure to come up with some kind of spectacular post to mark my return from my postless blogging hiatus, but instead i'm just going to randomly post some pics and move on with my life.
utah was fun
even though we were sick most of the time
and sleep deprived all of the time
it was a completely impromptu trip. my bro and his family were passing through vegas a couple weeks ago and stopped in for lunch and before i knew it atticus, beckett and i were following them home like lost little puppies. we had lots of fun game nights, family outings, bbq's, swimming and such. we also met up with friends for visits and went to seven peaks. it was lots of fun, minus the fevers, headaches, sore throats, etc. that seemed to just bounce around the house while we were there. the last week we didn't really get out at all and had to cancel out playdates because atticus has a high fever and yucky virus. i think i've got the worst of the virus right now and i'm trying my best to not pass it along to beckett! lame.
beckett turned 4 months old while we were in utah.
if he looks huge in these pics it's because he is!
he's twice the size of his cousin who's twice his age! crazy!
he also started rolling over while we were there.

beck with aunt k and g'pa

we celebrated father's day with my family at red robin. atticus fell in love with his red robin balloon and never let it out of his sight. it was sad to be away from darek for father's day, that was very poor planning on my part. but we'll be celebrating it here now that we're home. he's such a great daddy! we all missed him. it was waaaay too long to be apart! won't make that mistake again!

cousins and popsicleswe spent an afternoon with my parents in liberty park.
the old school rides were so darling and atticus was in heaven!

flying his little plane

beck and g'pa

driving the little purple car
so it's nice to be home, so great to see darek!
nice to be back to the normal routine and getting some sleep
but real boring too...
wanna come for a visit?
ps - things are looking promising for the house we made an offer on!
please, oh please, let me move out of this empty little apartment
and into a happy, cozy home with things like furniture and a nursery for beckett
and a playroom for atticus and a garage for sienna la blanca!
we'll keep you posted!


Annie Ditto said...

Hey friend! Kelly's uncle just flew from Las Vegas to the Tri Cities (only a couple hrs from Spokane) for $20 each way!!! Some random airline! Aliance? maybe... anyway! I've got to find out and come see you!! GOOD LUCK with your house!! It will be SO nice to get out of the smallness of the apt! Love You!!

Bronwyn James said...

Atticus is looking so much like Derek! Glad you had a fun trip. I would love to go see Eclipse with you by the way. I need a good girls night out.