Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i saw it
oh me, oh my
i've never missed my cambridge ladies so much
i wish you ladies were here
this deserves some serious analysis

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my (not so) triumphant return
to the blog

well, we made it home and i'm pretty beat. i gotta admit, i'm feeling some pressure to come up with some kind of spectacular post to mark my return from my postless blogging hiatus, but instead i'm just going to randomly post some pics and move on with my life.
utah was fun
even though we were sick most of the time
and sleep deprived all of the time
it was a completely impromptu trip. my bro and his family were passing through vegas a couple weeks ago and stopped in for lunch and before i knew it atticus, beckett and i were following them home like lost little puppies. we had lots of fun game nights, family outings, bbq's, swimming and such. we also met up with friends for visits and went to seven peaks. it was lots of fun, minus the fevers, headaches, sore throats, etc. that seemed to just bounce around the house while we were there. the last week we didn't really get out at all and had to cancel out playdates because atticus has a high fever and yucky virus. i think i've got the worst of the virus right now and i'm trying my best to not pass it along to beckett! lame.
beckett turned 4 months old while we were in utah.
if he looks huge in these pics it's because he is!
he's twice the size of his cousin who's twice his age! crazy!
he also started rolling over while we were there.

beck with aunt k and g'pa

we celebrated father's day with my family at red robin. atticus fell in love with his red robin balloon and never let it out of his sight. it was sad to be away from darek for father's day, that was very poor planning on my part. but we'll be celebrating it here now that we're home. he's such a great daddy! we all missed him. it was waaaay too long to be apart! won't make that mistake again!

cousins and popsicleswe spent an afternoon with my parents in liberty park.
the old school rides were so darling and atticus was in heaven!

flying his little plane

beck and g'pa

driving the little purple car
so it's nice to be home, so great to see darek!
nice to be back to the normal routine and getting some sleep
but real boring too...
wanna come for a visit?
ps - things are looking promising for the house we made an offer on!
please, oh please, let me move out of this empty little apartment
and into a happy, cozy home with things like furniture and a nursery for beckett
and a playroom for atticus and a garage for sienna la blanca!
we'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

you've undoubtedly noticed
my blogging absence

this is due simply to my life's current lack of blogability
never fear however
i've recently made a super impromptu trip to utah
and i'm optimistic that perhaps something blogable will happen while i'm here
stay tuned


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

the little fish in action!

happy june!
life in las vegas so far

had to use fruit snacks to bribe atticus

so that he'd smile for the camera
love how beck is coveting the fruit snacks
so life so far in las vegas...

it's been hot, but not HOT so that's pretty great
and i have a teeny tiny hint of a tan
from laying by the pool

atticus can SWIM!
it blew me away! we've taken him to the pool a few times with his little life jacket on
and last week i floated him around on his belly telling him to kick his legs and paddle his arms
but i never let go of him. well a few days ago darek took him to the pool and atticus runs straight to the pool, jumps in and starts doggy paddling around (with his life jacket on). we couldn't believe it. he's totally fearless. a little fish. it's the cutest thing, must video it for your viewing pleasure.

we decided to make a spontaneous trip to CA for memorial day weekend...then we decided not to. instead to shopped and shopped and shopped all weekend. it was very needed. i threw away most my wardrobe when we moved because i decided that those ugly clothes didn't deserve being hauled across country. it was wonderful and i feel like a new woman!

BUT - i was sad to miss out on CA for the weekend. it hurts to be this close and yet not there. we're probably going to the 4th of july and i'm counting down the days!

ants. lots of them. all over my counter. like 17 billion of them. i doused the house in bug spray.
no more ants

darek digs his job! hooray! and his boss took him gambling for some "hands on" training.
so classic, right?

we've put in an offer in on a sweet house but still have NOT heard back. it's kind of like chinese water torture. we'll probably keep house hunting in the meantime in case this one falls through.

last week was a rough week - very little sleep, very much stress
very sore tonsils
but it's a new week
and i'm a new woman, remember?

i did a little experiment
i set the timer for one minute
and counted how many times atticus said, "mom?"
that's about every 4-5 seconds, people!
more chinese water torture!

so then i did another experiment
i said, "atticus, atticus, atticus"
over and over and over
for like five minutes
and he just thought it was funny

i ate zero treats last week
again, a new woman!

we've been bored at home a lot
because we've been too tired to get up and drive darek to work so we'd have the car
so i ordered new running shoes
and a new jogging stroller
and as soon as they show up

cafe rio for dinner last night
that alone was worth the move cross country
not to mention some nordstrom rack shopping over the weekend
(although i've heard the braintree mall is getting a nord rack, so i suppose i could have stayed in boston after all)

atticus' fave new game:
hides head under blanket, pillow, sweater, burp clothe, sock, what have you
asks mom: "mom, where's atticus?"
mom repeats: "where's atticus?"
atticus jumps out
mom acts surprised

atticus refers to himself in the third person
i love it

we're single handedly keeping 7-11 in business with slurpee purchases
and every time we drive passed 7-11 atticus says, "mmm! mom, it's good juice!"

we're eating toast with pumpkin butter for breakfast
"mom, more toast?"

i gotta say that so far life in las vegas is pretty great
although i have moments where i miss boston
and moments where i wish i lived in CA
but the rest of the time
i'm just grateful to be here!

gotta run, the babe awakes
i hope you're memorial day weekend was wonderful
and memorable

love and hugs to you!