Wednesday, May 19, 2010

three months old


so i'm pushing this little guy through the miracle mile shops the other day when i sense someone walking beside me. out of the corner of my eye it seems like they are videoing beckett in his stroller. i thought i was mistaken until i realize i am surrounded by five or six people, all walking beside me, checking him out. i stopped to figure out what in the world was happening and we had a full paparazzi moment. these people were from another country and apparently beckett was the most exciting tourist attraction in the city. they all goochy gooed him for like five minutes and took a million pictures of him. obviously, i think my little guy is darling but this was a little much. i had to take a look around for ashton kutcher thinking i was being punked. especially when this 20-ish year old punk rocker kid pulled out his iphone to take pics of beckett. then they thanked me for letting them look at him. it was the weirdest moment. maybe i should have charged money alla naked cowboy style.


beckett is such a happy and peaceful baby. and he's such an easy baby! i'm sure that those early days of sleeplessness and craziness with atticus were partly due to my cluelessness as a mom but i also think that beckett's just a less high maintenance baby than atticus was. good eater, good sleeper, good everythinger except carseat rider. hates the carseat. gets that from big brother.
however, i can't get enough of his smiles and giggles.


he's starting to roll to his side. he loves reaching for his toys and gets real excited when he's able to hit his mobile with his hand. i love love love when he reaches out to touch my face when i'm near him. he pretty much just holds my heart in his little hand.


i love you sweet boy
thank you for the three magical months
here's to an eternity of magic!


Gramma Dani said...

Priceless photos - darling little guy!!!

Likely said...

that is crazy!!! I would have been freaked out for sure and thought the same as you. were they foreigners?

such cute pics.

Nikki said...

Don't they grow so fast?!? Strange encounter at the photo shoot from strangers but I'm sure it made you happy that so many people thought your baby was so cute.