Monday, May 03, 2010

this is kind of how life has been lately
note to self: never assume that "atticus playing quietly in his room"
means anything less than "atticus making a huge mess while trying to escape discovery."
this huge mess consisted of crumbled eye shadow all over bed, self, clothing, wall, door.
thank goodness we finally have hot water
and bubble bath atticus prefers to eat by the spoonful

yeah, things have been a little crazy
last week i thought i'd do a little blog complaining about my wicked bad allergies caused by a few days of "high winds" in this here desert, but then i enjoyed a little visit from the mastitis fairy and that little puppy blew those high winds right out of the water. a little trip to the ER later i was feeling real grateful for the modern medicine that brought a happy ending a two days of torture. and to be honest, as i sat in the ER and looked around me i felt really grateful that it was only mastitis that had me there - felt real sad for the people whose ailments inflicted more permanent pain and more serious interventions than mine. not to mention the tender mercy that the triage nurse was a mom and has also been brought to some very deep depths of misery by mastitis and bumped me up in line so i could get help and get home to nurse the babe. and even with that little help i was still there for almost four hours! not that fun, but real happy to be feeling better!
in much happier news - we had more visitors!
julia was in town friday morning so we met up for breakfast
and got caught up on the last 6 or so years since we've seen each other
it was great!
- and -
the dovers were passing through town on their way to CA
and stayed the night saturday night
and we chatted until the wee hours
like we were 21 and could handle an all-nighter
which isn't the case, but was still real fun to pretend
though i've said it before, i shall say it again...
this, my friends, is why we moved here
close to family
close to friends
let the good times roll!
and please come visit! you are all invited!
thanks for visiting friends, you totally and completely made my week
maybe my whole month!!
because let's be honest
it's been a tiring month!
house hunting: the hunt continues
we found a perfect house with an impossible yard
then another perfect house with another impossible yard
then an almost perfect house with a just not-quite-right feel but a cute yard
then a sweet house with a perfect upstairs and a perfect yard (sooo hard to find!)
but with a less-than-great-and-we-don't-want-to-compromise downstairs
then an if-we-were-retiring-we'd-want-this-sweet-house house
with an incredible yard!
a whole lot of other junk!
so the search continues
which is real fun
and real not fun
especially for the boys
they seem to hate the in and out of the car a hundred times while trying to imagine
this house with that paint which needs new carpet or maybe tile
and no more dog hair all over
that kind of stuff
but we have faith, the perfect house awaits us and i will find it!
even if it drives my realtor crazy! poor lady...
we finally bought atticus a toddler bed (instead of a toddler blow up mattress)
and lo and behold, we've got a sleeper on our hands
not perfect, but better and better is better than terrible
he's still wild and crazy and into everything and so bored in our empty apartment
and jumped in the nasty, dirty, filthy pond today while feeding ducks.
but he's much less grumpy while creating all this havoc as he's finally sleeping better.
in fact - yesterday he picked up his blanket, walk to his room, laid down on his bed
and slept for 3 1/2 hours. no prompting necessary.
thank you atticus, i needed that.
beckett = still an angel
pictures coming soon - poor second child,
never photographed as much as the first
but loved just as much!
loves to all of you!
hopefully i'll be in more personal touch soon
but for now, these sad little updates will have to do!


Gramma Dani said...

Have to admit that as Ryan-esque as it seems, Atticus looks darling in the eyeshadow... :-) Sorry about the mastitis - Ted told me last night, and it made me sad - like you need that on top of your other stresses. Still cheering you on about your house hunt - hoping you'll find the perfect place soon. Let's talk more about meeting in St. George - it's a great idea!!!

erica said...

I'm getting over mastitis right now. I feel your pain. I'm so sorry about that and think your attitude about things is inspiring. good luck on the continued house search!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Being a mother and then moving on top of that can be rough. But you are handling it like a pro :) !!

I think Atticus looks like he belongs in Mary Poppins with his new paint job - specifically the chimney song :) !!

Mastitis - ugh! I have had that too many times. I feel your pain. I hope you are feeling better!

We can't wait to see you sometime now that we live in the same time zone :) !!

Good luck house hunting! Don't let your standards down, you will know when you find the right place!

Mama Thompson said...

In honor of the new mini van...and to make you smile...and I could totally see you and Darek do this...I hope you haven't already seen it...

Julia said...

Can I just say, it was such a pleasure to see your beautiful face and your two adorable boys. I'll do breakfast with you anyday...just say when.