Friday, May 07, 2010

Rx: chocolate
i had my first real live "i lost atticus and may not find him" moment today.
it was less of a "moment" and more like ten minutes of torture, running through the maze of our apartment buildings screaming his name. i'm still not even sure how it happened. he is so quick but i'm usually right on top of him, keeping him close by because i know he's a sly little sneak. he must have totally houdini-ed past me as i unlocked the door because when i turned around he was gone and after i ran through the complex forever i ran back into our apartment and he was just chillin in my bathroom. i totally grabbed him and hugged him and was crying like a mad woman and he for sure thought he was in trouble (probably because he was fiddling with my makeup in my bathroom and would have normally been in trouble for that) because he started crying and couldn't figure out why i was freaking out. so anyway - i don't know if he was in the apartment the whole time or went in while i was running around but it was awful! i never want to feel that again. i really might invest in one of those child locator dodads. save me the heartache! so now we're eating brownies to assuage our tortured souls. i'm off the dairies though for the sake of the mini's belly and a brownie really isn't a brownie without milk. nevertheless, atticus can have all he wants. the kid can do no wrong today. i didn't even flinch when in the 2.2 seconds i was out of the kitchen he squeezed dish soap onto the floor and got all soapy and slippery in it. whatever kid, as long as you're safe and sound in my house, soap it up!
deep breath...

i took him to an indoor playspace a few days ago with all the big bounce house type things. he was in heaven. this kid just needs space to run and play and be crazy and he's a happy camper, which makes us all happy campers. the poor kid has just been suffering through house hunting all week. in one of the houses he figured out how to unlock the backdoor and was out there and practically into the koi pond grabbing at the fish before i could get to him. do you see why i don't want a house with a pool? these kinds of fears keep me up at night! anyway...he just put himself down for a nap. i am loving this new thing of his when he's tired he grabs his blankie and heads to his new toddler bed. "mom, sleep..."
sounds good to me!!!


Gramma Dani said...

Your scary experience instantly took me back a whole generation with memories of my own scary experiences - so glad he is okay!!!

Bronwyn James said...

That's an experience I hope I never get to relate with you on. I'm so glad he was ok. Little Beckett is a total doll!