Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day
was lovely
i hope it was great for all of you as well
may your children be angels
and your husbands be generous

a few mommy moments of late:
yesterday we found the fingernail clippers in the toilet
we've been bungee cording atticus' door shut to encourage staying in bed
(fyi - works like a charm)
i've scrubbed the kitchen floor twice in the last 24 hours - not because i'm a diligent housekeeper
but because atticus keeps squeezing dish soap all over the floor
i wept through the children's primary program yesterday - and atticus wasn't even in it
i also attended no other church meetings yesterday because i was in nursery helping atticus be happy
my normally champion sleeper beckett was up at 3, 5, and 6 this morning
(his tummy doesn't like my mother's day chocolate)
i sang dora the explorer songs in my head all night long
i took two bites of my apple this morning before atticus confiscated it as his own
several times a day atticus recounts to me the story of when his thumb got bit by an ant last week
atticus just came in the room yelling, "mom! wet!" and had me take off his wet clothes (from playing in the sink) but ran away when i told him was also going to change his wet diaper
the whole bathroom is also wet, including the towels
so. much. laundry.
it was real hard to get happy pictures of both boys - which is all i wanted for mother's day


nothing brings me more happiness then being a wife and a mother
thank you husband for making me feel beautiful
thank you children for blessing my life with joy
i love you three boys!
and happy mother's day to my mother too
who is very much the kind of mom i'm trying to be!
i love you!


Circuit Fam said...

First-your dress is beautiful. I love it.(and you look beautiful as well)
Second, I love reading your puts a smile on my face when I am cleaning up puke and pis, and whatever else these little guys do. But then you see their smiles and somehow it makes it all worth it, despite the everyday, constant, being a mom.

Gramma Dani said...

Very sweet and touching post - thanks so much!!! You are such a patient and kind mom!!! Love You!

Miggy said...


You look beautiful...cute dress, cute boys, cute everything. Now spill! Where'd you get the shoes?

Likely said...

aren't you the cutest thing?

as always.

expect nothing less.

and hose boys? atticus's hair is darling. they are so handsome. I am so happy you have two boys.

Trisha said...

You are seriously such a hot mama. You look great. Happy Mother's Day!

Brandon and Meghan said...

You are amazing! I am honored to be your friend and reading your blog makes me both happy and calm knowing we aren't the only ones that a. Bungee cord the door (which does totally work) and b. That when we have round two (a girl) in September, we will survive and have smiles on our face just like you always do. You and your family rock. Take care and I'll do my best to try to entertain you if I can.