Wednesday, May 26, 2010

last weekend
we had the nieces and nephews over for a little pool/pizza party
it was so much fun! sadly i didn't get pics of kenz and cannon because they had to
head out to a soccer game. but brinkley, keaton and carter stuck around for all the festivities
the best quote of the day:
"this is TOO much fun!
i can't stop having fun!"

~ keaton
beckett - showing off his bicep chub

the twins making the babe giggle

in true mccoy fashion, the event was full of all manner of competitions
the coloring contest

wrestling matches
acrobatics on the bed

body slamming
fyi - the twins are 4 years older and 2 inches taller than atticus
they make for the perfect wrestling companions!
pillow fights

they also played king of the mountain, tag, lava monster
and every other game they could come up with
it was heaven
and the cookies were delicious
i know because brinks said so
and i made them from scratch
that is, i scratched them right out of the pre-made packaging
and even frosted them myself
because i'm a cool aunt like that
and they are worth it!
thanks for coming over kids - come back soon!

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Rachel said...

Party at your house! How fun. Looks like you are enjoying Las Vegas. So great. How's the house hunting coming along?